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All you need to know about Vanuatu’s CBI Program

All you need to know about Vanuatu’s CBI Program

vanuatu citizenship program

Invest into the future of your family through the fastest CBI program in place. Not only does the country’s CBI program offer dual citizenship for your family, but it also provides a powerful secondary passport to travel the world without any restrictions.

Nestled between New Zealand and Australia is the beautiful and serene island nation of Vanuatu. Albeit small in size and population, they have strong economic and cultural ties with neighbouring oceanic countries and major parts of the European Union. The country is known to be one of the most peaceful and happy countries despite its diverse culture. Citizenship can be obtained from this country in two ways. Hopefuls can either apply through their citizenship by investment program or reside within the country for a certain period of time an acquire one by naturalization.

Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

Quick Processing Time

Trying to gain citizenship by residency is always time-consuming. Gaining citizenship by investing is more comfortable and faster. Vanuatu’s program is one of the fastest in terms of processing as it takes only between 45-60 days.

Freedom to Travel

If you have a meeting to attend to or have to train new people or you’re looking to expand your business, a Vanuatuan passport will enable you to travel visa-free to a total of 129 countries.

Family Benefits

Investors can acquire dual citizenship by themselves or with their immediate family members. The processing time is the same irrespective of whether you apply with your family or not. Along with your spouse, children below the age of 25 and parents above 50 can be coupled into this program.

Non-Tax Environment

Vanuatu does not levy any personal tax or foreign income tax. It should also be noted that the country ranks among the top 100 in the ease of doing business index.

In addition to those benefits that have been mentioned above, Vanuatu also does not require its citizenship applicants to reside in the country during or after the application process.

Investor Criterions

Listed are some of the investment criterions that applicants must fulfill to qualify under this program.

Complete the Investment Requirements

The country invites four types of applications – single individuals, married couples, family with an only child, and married couples with two children. The minimum investment amount will change depending on your selection.

Monetary Criterion

It is mandatory to understand whether the applicant can invest or not. Applicants who don’t meet this requirement will not be considered. Bank statement showcasing their financial strength will need to be submitted as proof.

Must Have a Clean Background

The applicant and immediate-family members should have a clean criminal record. The country’s governing body will conduct a complete due diligence check through a reliable third-party service.


Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program is designed to help you inch one step close to achieving a dual passport from the country on time. Invest now and be secure the future of you and your family.