An Ever-Changing Global Landscape Gives Dual Citizenship Unmatched Value

An Ever-Changing Global Landscape Gives Dual Citizenship Unmatched Value.jpg

The global pandemic and current political situation in Europe have become part of a series of unpredictable changes in our daily lives. These changes have sparked a necessary shift in our careers, social lives, geographic locations, financial planning, and overall well-being. This has prompted a surge in the need for global travel and a newfound interest in trusted residence by investment programs.

Creating a seamless backup plan

The unprecedented changes of the new decade have prompted a re-examination of our residence status and future planning. Citizenship by investment programs offer a steadfast answer during uncertain times, by creating a trusted plan that transcends local borders. Many residency programs also enable citizenship by descent, thereby offering global mobility to future generations.

The benefits of dual citizenship

Several programs such as Malta, Portugal, and Antigua & Barbuda allow investors to hold dual citizenship. These ensure safe and secure opportunity for investors and their family members  to relocate through investment, while keeping citizenship from their homeland.

Residency in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is well known for its beaches, tropical climate, and popularity among vacationers. Over the course of the last decade, it has continued to gain popularity among those hoping to acquire a second residency. A second citizenship in  St. Kitts & Nevis is one of the most sought-after residency by investment programs in the Caribbean. It boasts a thriving tourism industry and many high-yielding real estate developments for investors. This residency program also allows investors to enjoy various tax benefits as well as several opportunities for financial gain.

Residency in Europe

Citizenship by investment programs in Europe allow investors, and members of their immediate family, to reside in the European Union. The visa from Portugal and Greece, fondly referred to as the ‘Golden Visa’, allows an investor’s children to study at some of the most prestigious international universities in Europe. One of the strongest motivating factors is that investors benefit from seamless travel throughout Europe, as these citizenship programs afford visa-free travelling throughout this area. Investors also have a wide range of available properties from which to choose, including apartments, houses, villas, resorts, and shared estates.

A secure investment with Passport Legacy

Passport Legacy is an established residence by investment consultancy, offering a wide range of citizenship programs for investors. Our knowledgeable team of client advisors offer 25 years of experience in this industry, as well as a variety of properties that can be purchased to secure dual citizenship – a priceless future investment. Please book your free consultation today with one of our advisors to get started with your Citizenship or Residence by Investment journey.


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