Become a discerning Global investor


Selecting a lucrative international investment is a multifaceted task, calling on investors to navigate several factors that may impact the value of their property in the long term. The need for global mobility has sparked a strong interest in residency by investment programs and the consultancies that can facilitate these options. Prospective investors should conduct extensive research before making a final selection, including a thorough assessment of the accepted transaction methods, possible tax benefits and additional residency options. 

Digital currencies for optimized trading

The advent of digital currencies prompted a re-examination of transaction methods around the world. Cryptocurrencies have enabled investors and traders to fulfil transactions without input from traditional, brick-and-mortar banks. This transactional efficiency has pervaded various industries, including residency by investment schemes, that have recently started to accept digital currencies as payment methods. St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, and Portugal are among the first regions to offer cryptocurrency as a viable payment method for their citizenship by investment programs.

Become a discerning global investor | Citizenship by investment
Antigua & Barbuda spearheaded digital currency use in the Caribbean, with a range of cryptocurrencies in use, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV among others. You can obtain Antiguan citizenship by making an investment through crypto.

Discover The Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its reef-lined beaches, tropical climate and thriving tourism industry. In recent years its citizenship by investment programs have gained increasing popularity among investors who wish to secure a second residency in a world-renowned region. The Caribbean is situated in the center of the Americas, presenting a strategic location to both investors and visitors alike. It also has a steady track record of economic and political stability, offering the assurance of a secure location.

Investment Options in The Caribbean

Investors can consider a property investment or a capital contribution to qualify for the Caribbean residency programs. These investments unlock a host of benefits, including dual citizenship, various tax exemptions, visa-free travel, and the option of listing family members as dependents. 

Explore Citizenship by Investment in Europe

Europe has been globally recognized as a prominent center of trade and commerce, serving as a gateway between Asia and Africa. It is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks as well as top international universities. The lucrative real estate opportunities in Europe offer steady economic growth, which continually attracts global investors.

Residency by Investment in Europe

The citizenship by investment programs in Europe affords families the privilege of obtaining alternative citizenship in sought-after destinations. This gives investors the right to travel to various destinations within the Schengen region, ensure personal security and optimize their overall mobility. Investors can choose among various options, including the acquisition of property or capital investment, with the possibility of obtaining citizenship after a stipulated period.

Dual residency, a trusted backup plan

The uncertainty presented by social and political unrest has increased the value of global mobility opportunities that offer easy relocation to investors and their dependents. Many residence by investment programs such as Portugal, Malta and Antigua enable investors to hold dual citizenship – a means of offering security to family members and future generations.

Trusted Property Investments with Passport Legacy

Passport Legacy is one of the global leaders in residency consultancy, providing a series of citizenship programs for investors. Our team of client advisors offer 25 years of experience in the residence by investment industry, with access to various properties that can be purchased to secure dual citizenship. Book your consultation with one of our advisors to get started with your Citizenship or Residence by Investment journey.