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Benefits of a Second Citizenship

The Benefits of Residence and Citizenship-by-Investment

Acquiring an alternative residence or citizenship has become a popular topic among many wealthy individuals and families.

Many clients choose these programs to take advantage of visa-free travel for business and pleasure, to diversify their investment portfolio and thereby optimize their tax structures, to gain more personal security with a plan-b due to volatile economic situations, or to educate their children in Europe.

The core benefits of these programs remain, despite each of our clients having a slightly different goal. Through these programs, we are able to tailor a solution to meet our clients’ specific needs and ensure that they reap the greatest benefits and opportunities available.

Visa-Free Travel

Get a secondary passport from a Caribbean or European country enables you to travel visa-free to more 135 countries across the globe.

Educate Your Children in Europe

Acquiring European citizenship from Dubai enables you and your immediate family members to study, work, or live anywhere in Europe.

Do Business Globally

By obtaining secondary citizenship by investment from Dubai, you will be able to travel visa-free on short notice and thereby make use of global business opportunities.

The Plan-B

Dual citizenship enables you to ensure the safety and security of your family by offering you an opportunity to migrate to another country – almost immediately, once citizenship has been granted.

Pave the Way for Future Generations

Many secondary citizenship programs offer citizenship through descent. Your investment today can grant ample benefits to your future generations.

Avail Tax Benefits

By making a smart investment choice, you can benefit from favorable tax structures such as zero capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and net worth tax.

Why Choose Passport Legacy to Avail a Secondary Citizenship

The residence and citizenship programs that we offer here at Passport Legacy, is aimed at helping financially sound individuals gain access to some of the most prosperous countries in the world. Our team of professional consultants have countless of experience addressing dual citizenship and migration related matters, they aim to help you easily navigate through the otherwise difficult citizenship process. We also do not offer any one-size-fits-all solution to your second passport needs, the requirement of each client is individually evaluated before suggesting them with a citizenship program in line with their needs.

Do you need help with choosing the program that suits you best?