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European Citizenship-by-Investment Program


Located to the South of Turkey and surrounded on all four sides by the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is an island nation that has grown in popularity among expats who wish to settle in Europe. It’s warm climate and mix of Eastern and Western cultures make it a noteworthy tourist hotspot. Known officially as The Cypriot Republic, the country has become an appealing destination for developers and investors who seek citizenship or residency in a European country.

Investors and their families can attain a secondary Cyprus passport through the “Scheme for Naturalization of Non-Cypriot Investors by Exception”. This program gives them an opportunity to procure Cyprus citizenship with an investment of 2,150,000 €. Cyprus passport holders have the freedom to hold dual citizenship and travel visa-free to 171 nations. Passport Legacy provides a range of custom solutions for migration and can help you attain a Cyprus citizenship from Dubai.

Investment Options in Cyprus

Purchase Real Estate, Development & Infrastructure Projects = A minimum investment of 2,000,000 € should be spent towards securing or developing a residential or infrastructure project in the country

Companies and Businesses = An sum of 2,000,000 € should be invested on either establishing or obtaining part of a business or organization in Cyprus. As a minimum, atleast 5 Cypriots must be recruited to the commercial enterprise.

Financial Assets or Alternative Investment Funds = Applicant must purchase part of a Cypriot business’ financial assets (bonds or debt securities) worth at least 2,000,000 € or make a similar investment in the Alternative Investment Funds (AIF).

Cyprus Citizenship – Benefits

  • Ability to hold dual or secondary citizenship
  • Cypriot passport holders are eligible to the Right to Establishment, or the ability to migrate to all EU countries
  • Application process in itself is simple
  • Cypriot citizenship is passed on to your descendants without any restrictions or additional charges


€ 2,150,000

Time To

6 Months


173 Countries