Dominica Passport visa-free countries

Dominica Passport visa free countries

The Dominica passport is one of the most sought after travel documents because of the number of visa free countries you can access with it. The Dominica authorities are constantly making efforts at signing visa-free agreements with the authorities from other countries. In fact, as of April 2018, Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of Dominica announced on-going plans to sign visa-free agreements with the nations of China and South Africa.

The Dominica visa-free entry agreement with Russia came into effect in January 2019. Ever since, tourists with Dominican passports have been enjoying a 90-day visa-free entry into the former Soviet Union. Later that year, a further visa-free agreement was reached with the nation of Ukraine.

Although Dominica signed a visa-free agreement with the UAE in April 2018, it was not until the 25th of February, 2020 before it came into effect. The terms of travel and visa-free agreements between nations keep changing frequently. This article contains an updated list of visa-free countries for holders of Dominica’s passport.

We believe the contents of this article will help Dominica passport holders have better insight when traveling visa-free or visa on arrival. You can use the information here to tap into some of the guaranteed benefits you’ll enjoy upon getting Dominica citizenship.


In order to obtain a Dominica passport, certain requirements will have to be met. They include:

  • The applicant must have no previous criminal records
  • The applicant has to be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • They must declare the source of their investments
  • They have to invest in real estate, government bonds, The National Economic Fund, or any other government-approved options.
  • Generally, acquiring a Dominica passport is quite easy and its real estate investment option is of the best in terms of value.

Dominica passport applicants that aim to invest in real estate have to buy a property worth a minimum of $200,000. Along with due diligence fees and government processing fees, the total amount required of an individual to purchase a Dominica passport sums up to $233,500. A family of 4 would cost $247,500.

A more affordable way to buy Dominica’s passport is by donation. Through the Dominica Economic Diversification Program, a single applicant can donate a sum of $108,500 for the passport. However, a family of 4 would have to donate a total of $212,500 (fees inclusive).

Upon fulfilling the requirements for Dominica’s passport, the applicants or investors are granted citizenship.


The table below shows the list of countries Dominica passport holders can access visa-free. It also includes the duration of stay and requirements of visa-free, visa-on-arrival, and eVisa countries for Dominica passport holders seeking to travel for tourist purposes.

Dominica Passport Visa Free Countries – 160

Visa-free access – 118

Visa-on-arrival – 32

eVisa – 10


There are numerous reasons attached to owning a second passport through citizenship by investment. Some of them include:

1. Potential tax breaks

Some countries have a much lower tax rate than others. If you own a business, operating it in a region where the tax rates are lower means more profit for you. This can only be possible if you own a second passport.

2. More opportunities

Several opportunities abound when you obtain a second passport. The reason is that with a second citizenship, you get to enjoy services like security, healthcare, education, transport, and more benefits. These new opportunities can be particularly crucial in terms of quality of living, especially if you’re coming from a nation where the economy is underdeveloped or still developing.

3. An escape route when crisis knocks

Political crisis and instability can unsettle the peace of any nation. When this occurs, it’s the citizens who have to suffer the consequences as movement within the territory becomes difficult. If you have a second passport, you won’t have much to worry about as you can easily leave the nation for your adopted country. Of course, you can always come back when the dust settles but your life is more precious. So, if you sense any sign of tension brewing at your home nation, just take the next exit using your second passport.

4. Expand your knowledge of the world

With a second passport, you can tap into a new knowledge of the world. You’ll easily grasp a much-expanded understanding of social constructs. Living in a new society lets you gain a broader view of how the world operates. This can benefit you in a lot of ways. For instance, your communication skill gets diversified as you get to learn a new language.

5. New business opportunities

As an investor or business owner, you’ll want to seek new ways to grow your financial portfolio. It’s always harder to set up a new business in a country you’re not a citizen of. However, with a second passport, you could set up a regional business empire effortlessly without stiff restrictions from the authorities of your new country.


You could travel the world more often with your family and not have to worry about the headache of applying for visas. Within 4 months, you could own a Dominica passport and travel freely across 150 countries and more. What’s more, the entire process of getting Dominica citizenship doesn’t even require you to take a trip to the nation neither do you have to learn the language. We can take you through the entire process from start to finish without you having to break a sweat. Contact us today and we’ll show you how to get Dominica citizenship easily.


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