Dominica: Top 5 Things to Do in the Island

Dominica: Top 5 Things to Do in the Island

Whether you have a Dominican passport or are looking into getting one, having the Dominican passport gives you access to the paradise the island offers. The island nation located north of Windward Islands has the lushest landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and the incredible culture of the Caribbean. Whether you’re the adventure type or want to enjoy the sunset views, Dominica has all the options for you.

Dominica Destination 1: Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake | Citizenship by investment
The Boiling Lake is a natural wonder in Dominica. It is a volcano-hydrothermal flooded fumarole located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

The Morne Trois Pitons National Park in Dominica is one of the main tourist attractions of Dominica and is flooded with scenery and adventures. The Boiling Lake made it number one on our list. It is a ‘fumarole’ and a bubbling, greyish-blue body of water heated by molten magma below a local volcano.

You can spend a day taking a challenging hike. The hiking trail is around 13km divided into three one-hour sections. From Titou Gorge to Breakfast River, the last part of the hiking trail is a dangerous descent into the Valley of Desolation, where hot springs and sulfuric pools lead you to a cliff overlooking the Boiling Lake.

Surrounded by high rock walls, a basin design is created by which onlookers can view the steamy depths below. 

Dominica Destination 2: Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Dominica | Citizenship by investment
Victoria Falls, Dominica, Eastern Caribbean. The water is milky whitish-blue as it comes from the volcanic springs of Boiling Lake. Because of that,
the river is named the White River.

If you’re in the mood to use your Dominican second passport for a truly tropical experience, Victoria Falls should be your go-to. Although a relatively short hike, the hike to Victoria Falls is filled with twists and turns, climbing over small rocks and large boulders and wading against river currents. A Dominican guide is recommended in the case of flash floods.

The ‘river trail’ will have you walking through the White River, with water sourced from the Boiling Lake. Once you get to your destination, you will want to dive beneath the falls. You can feel the ‘water needles’- the powerful force of the spray even standing a few feet away.

Dominica Destination 3: Champagne Reef

Champagne Lake | Citizenship by investment
Named for the bubbling waters rising from the volcanic thermal springs on the ocean floor, Champagne Reef is located in Ponte Michel, the southern
part of the island.

Pretend you’re diving into a glass of champagne; this is precisely what the famous Champagne Reef offers to diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Not only is the reef itself gold in color, but the heat from the local volcano also creates bubbles. The reef is filled with life, including barrel sponges, hard corals, tiny creatures, and schools of fish! It’s the perfect opportunity to emanate the gold on your Dominica second passport and jumpstart a hobby in photography.

Dominica Destination 4: Fort Shirley

Fort Shirley | Citizenship by investment
Fort Shirley Views around the Caribbean island of Dominica

Are you interested in history? Now surrounded by the Cabrits Historical and Marine Park, Fort Shirley served as part of a network of defenses in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can climb the walls, learn the history, and use the hollow cannons to set your eyes on the incoming ships below.

 Dominica Destination 5: DOMFESTA (Dominica Festival of Arts)

Festival 1 | Citizenship by investment
The Festival of Arts and Culture (DOMFESTA) makes the island alive with entertainment activities such as plays, concerts, and workshops.

Dominica’s Annual Celebration of Arts and Culture is a month-long celebration between April and June. The festival involves poets, writers, singers, playwrights, musicians, and artists featuring exhibitions at The Oldmill Cultural Center in Canefield. You can enjoy every type of cultural art activity, including workshops, dance theatre, concerts, ‘Writers’ Week,’ art exhibitions, song contests, and more.   To express your interest in investing in a second passport for Dominica, you can book a private and complimentary appointment here.

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