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Grenada Citizenship by Investment

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Grenada Citizenship by Investment

grenada citizenship by investment

Economic citizenship, popularly referred to as citizenship by investment, is a program employed by governments that involves selling their citizenship to draw foreign investment to the country; the Grenada citizenship by investment program is a good example.

Governments use citizenship by investment programs to raise funds for their nations. They often do this as a move to ease economic strain that may be caused by several factors, for instance, after a natural disaster.

However, a potential investor that is interested in acquiring a second passport through citizenship by investment will have to accomplish some specific tasks before they are granted citizenship.

The investor may be required to pay a non-refundable donation to a national fund, own or set up a local business that employs the locals, invest in government-approved real estate or government bonds, among other possible options.

An individual can only obtain a passport of the country when the conditions of citizenship by investment programs are met.

There are several other eligibility factors as well and rules and regulations bordering the CBI industry. However, it’s not only highly beneficial in the long run but also the quickest way of acquiring second citizenship.

Table Of Contents

Overview of Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The Grenada citizenship by investment program has been running as far back as 1997. The CBI program gives foreigners the sweet opportunity of getting a Grenadian passport. All the foreigners have to do is to invest in their island-state.

Although Grenada citizenship by investment scheme was suspended in September 2001 shortly after the terrorist attack of 9/11, it was relaunched in 2013. During its relaunch, a new set of rules were introduced.

These rules formed the core of the Grenada citizenship by investment program we have today. In fact, it made the process smoother and well-coordinated, placing it as an attractive prospect in the CBI industry.

The new Grenadian CBI program has an entirely new approach and an attractive competition. This article will explore all you need to know about Grenada citizenship by investment.

Grenada’s E-2 Visa – Access to the USA

Unarguably, the most attractive feature of the Grenadian passport is its E-2 Visa treaty with the USA. This is because it is the only Caribbean citizenship by investment country that has it. No wonder its passport is highly coveted. As a matter of fact, not many countries have E-2 Visa, not even India and China.

Acquiring the Grenadian passport, allows you to get a visa to visit, live, and even invest in the United States of America. So, if you’ve always wanted quick access to the US, here’s an unmissable opportunity for you. If you’re a US citizen and you aim to renounce your American citizenship for some obvious reasons, holding a Grenada passport can be your backdoor into the USA.

Once granted the E-2 Visa, you’ll be able to use it to gain entry to the United States for 5 years. However, the visa’s validity can be renewed many times over.

One major advantage of the E-2 Visa is that it allows your spouse to freely get a job in the USA. In addition, your family members can come to the States as well. Also, the processing time involved in getting the visa is about 2 months which is considerably short.

Although you could opt for the CBI programs of Montenegro and Turkey since both also have the E-2 Visa treaty, however, if gaining access to the USA is your main reason for choosing these European nations, you’d be needlessly flushing away huge amounts of money. This is because these countries place a much higher premium on their passports when compared to Grenada’s.

Eventually, you’ll require some profitable advice when it comes to wading through the CBI universe. Luckily, we’re available to help you through the nooks and crannies so you can choose the best course of action.

Recent Re-modeling of The Grenada citizenship by investment scheme

Grenada citizenship by investment is not all smooth-sailing as you’d expect, especially if you’re running it without professional advice. For instance, a few years ago, a certain aquaculture project was reported to have received deposits from CBI investors. Unfortunately, the project failed to fulfill its promises and is currently still under investigation.

As a result of this, Grenada signed an extradition treaty with China (Grenada’s major source of CBI applicants) as a move to warn offenders that Grenada will stop at nothing to fish out, and extradite individuals found guilty engaging in similar illegal acts.

With this, it’s not hard to tell that Grenada won’t take the process of due diligence lightly. The government has reiterated it previously that they will not be compromising on security. Thus, the Grenada citizenship by investment scheme has buckled up in terms of security and integrity. This comes as a result of growing competition from its fellow CBI neighbors like Saint Lucia and Vanuatu.

Furthermore, Grenada’s CBI facilitators have worked on steadying the program towards an ever-increasing revenue hub. Ironically though, while other Caribbean CBI programs dropped their prices, Grenada retained theirs. Rather than lower their CBI asking price, they added extra incentives to the program.

Oliver Joseph, the country’s minister of trade commented on it here (https://www.gov.gd/index.php/government-makes-its-cbi-program-more-attractive-investors) by saying; “You would note that there is no amendment that reduces prices. We must have a program that offers attractive benefits, without having to reduce the price.”

Consequently, Grenada citizenship by investment is not one of the more affordable ones, however, as a result of its recent re-modeling, it has some pretty decent advantages when compared to its Caribbean counterparts.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Advantages

  • The term “dependent” is clearly redefined;
    • Parents and grandparents, 55 years or older can be added directly under the main applicant. In fact, they may not even live with the applicant.
    • Siblings of the main applicant, older than 18 years and unmarried, along with the spouse can be added too.
  • Kids born within 12 months of getting the citizenship are automatically added.
  • Dependent children not more than 30 years old can be added
  • Also, dependent children who are aged between 18 and 30 do not have to be currently enrolled in university or college to get eligibility.
  • Applicants do not have to be permanent residents before they can apply for Grenada citizenship. This saves time on filling and presenting paperwork at the immigration office.
  • To retain their Grenadian citizenship, real estate investors must not sell their investment for at least 5 years.
  • An escrow will be used to keep real estate investors’ money rather than have it given to developers. The funds are only released if the developers also vested their money in the project and can show beyond a reasonable doubt that they are making actual progress with the project.

These recent changes in the Grenada citizenship by investment program suddenly feel like a powerful pitch to foreign investors. It has definitely got them listening and Grenada’s CBI program has become even more popular than ever.


You can obtain Grenadian citizenship through either a government donation or by investing in government-approved real estate. However, remember that the property has to be held by the applicant for at least 5 years after citizenship has been granted.

Donation Option

This option requires applicants to make a non-refundable donation of $150,000 to the government fund (National Transformation Fund).

Based on the number of dependents added by the applicant in the application form, the donation amount may vary.

For a family of 2 members (just couples) – $200,000

For a family of 3 members (couples plus 1 kid) – $200,000

For a family of 4 members (couples plus 2 kids) – $200,000

Meanwhile, larger families of 5 and more have to pay $25,000 per additional dependent.

Investment Option

For business-minded folks, investing in real estate is another route to obtaining the Grenadian passport. However, the amount to be invested largely depends on your financial status. If you’re investing on your own, you’ll have to part with a minimum of $350,000 to buy the passport. On the other hand, if you invest along with a partner, then your minimum investment drops to $220,000 (total investment for you and your partner becomes $440,000).

Investment in Pre-approved Real Estate

Basically, all real estate properties available for investment are approved by the government. After 5 years, the property you invested in can now be sold. This lets you release your capital without necessarily affecting your citizenship status. Also, applicants who apply to buy CBI property units from a previous CBI applicant are considered eligible to acquire Grenada citizenship.

How the joint real estate investment works

This is the minimum investment amount in Grenada’s pre-approved real estate investment program. These real estate projects are available in the Tourism Accommodation sector. Single applicants who apply through a joint investment with another applicant can access this type of investment. The CBI program covers both investors and their families (maximum of 4 members). Both applicants become co-owners of a single real estate unit. Each applicant has to pay a minimum purchase price of $220,000.

How the single real estate investment works

Here, an individual applying as a solo investor (with a family of 4 members max) is allowed to invest in properties that are not in the Tourism Accommodation sector. These properties are perfect for those who aim to hold full ownership of a unit.

The recent slash in price for joint-investors is not too dissimilar to that of other Caribbean citizenship by investment programs. As an investor, you’re probably not looking forward to living in Grenada and that’s totally understandable.

This is because most applicants that choose to invest in real estate are focusing on buying and holding the property or buying and generating rental income from the property for 5 years as this is the duration required in order to retain Grenada citizenship.

Similar to many other economic investment programs with a real estate investment option, an applicant is only allowed to invest in government-approved real estate projects. The real estate properties often consist of hotels, villas, and luxury resorts.

You should note that when you opt for the real estate route, the government fees are usually higher compared to the donation option. Thus, whether you’re single, a couple, or a family of 4, the mandatory $50,000 administration fee for the real estate investment route still stands. Furthermore, every additional dependent will cost another $25,000 each.

Breakdown of the fees

  • The processing fee is $1500 for a solo applicant or a couple. Each dependent above 18 years old also attracts $1500 while $500 is charged on dependents below 18 years of age.
  • The due diligence fee is $5000 per applicant. Thus, every additional person, 17 years or older will add an extra $5000 each to the bill sum.

At the end of the 5-year real estate holding period, you can sell your assets and recoup your investment. If you’re fortunate, you might even make a profit.

Lastly, the Grenadian government recently approved the sale of citizenship by investment properties in the secondary market. In essence, this means you can buy an investment from a fellow CBI investor whenever they wish to sell.

Consider Investing in Mount Cinnamon

If you’re looking to invest and recoup some of your capital after the 5-year duration, then consider investing in the Mount Cinnamon Resort. Situated on a verdant hillside, the resort is just 2 miles off the Grand Anse beach which is generally described as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

While overlooking the historic capital of St George’s, the resort lays the foundation for what is literally an intimate, yet elegant, relaxing beach getaway. Mount Cinnamon is one of the most successful developments you’ll find under Grenada citizenship by investment. Little wonder it has attracted over 80% of all investment applications.

The real estate property is composed of 22 delectable, privately-owned villas across 23 acres of freehold land. Plans are already in place to add 250 new residences including luxurious facilities at Mount Cinnamon.

You could own a unit here and get your Grenadian passport approved in no time. A new, fruitful relationship with the island and its culture beckons. Why not be a part of its future today?

Recent developer reforms

The entire CBI industry has suffered at the hands of real estate developers who receive money from investors but fail to actually develop the property, or take too long to complete it or leave it uncompleted.

Poorly enough, only a third of all Caribbean real estate development projects ever get completed. This ripples into the Grenada citizenship by investment program as well. The implication of this is that many investors may never recover their money back.

This has cast a shadow over the bubbling prospects of Grenadian real estate investment as many investors believe there isn’t much keeping the developers accountable. However, Grenadian authorities are out to fix this undesirable flaw in their program.

Recently, the Grenadian government altered the law to coerce developers into investing 20% of their own funds into each one of their projects. The belief is that if they also had “something to lose” (not just investors’ money), they’d be more determined to complete the projects and meet timelines.

Developers who are unable to prove that they have covered a fifth of the total cost of the property using their money will likely lose the CBI capital. It is hoped that with the developers’ 20% equity stake in each real estate project, half-completed projects will be a thing of the past.

As a result, many industry professionals have applauded the new rule. Some even believe that this move now places Grenada citizenship by investment on equal levels with international standards.

This move, along with the rule to safely store real estate investors’ funds in escrow rather than giving it over to developers has given the Grenadian citizenship by investment scheme a big boost. It has surely put investors at ease with this new system of accountability.

Benefits of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment

The Grenada citizenship by investment scheme is the most affordable route to getting a second passport, particularly when you consider the perks of the American E-2 Visa that comes with holding a Grenadian passport. The E-2 Visa allows Grenadian citizens to apply for a non-immigrant visa to the United States and even reside there.

You could have access to this from donating as low as $150,000 to the Grenadian government or investing $220,000 in Grenadian pre-approved real estate. Not even Russia, China, India, or even all the nations in the Gulf region can boast of an E-2 Visa treaty with the United States of America.

In addition, when you apply for the American E-2 Visa, your parents, children, as well as unmarried siblings can be included in only one application. The other benefits of Grenada citizenship by investment include:

Swift citizenship

Passport is ready within 3 to 4 months of successful application

Visa-free travel

Travel to over 140 countries including the UK and EU nations visa-free

Low-priced citizenship

Compared to what Turkey and Montenegro are offering (they also have the USA E-2 Visa agreement), Grenada citizenship by investment offers the best affordable option.

Quick route to the USA

Acquiring the Grenadian passport allows you access to get USA E-2 Visa.

Full eligibility for the entire family

Spouse, kids, parents, grandparents, as well as siblings, are eligible

Invest only after approval

You are only allowed to invest after your citizenship application has been approved

Residency not required

Applicants do not need to reside in Grenada as a requirement before they are given their Grenadian passport.

Business-friendly tax regime

You won’t get taxed on your wealth, income, or inheritance

Passport is valid for life

Once you get the passport, you become a citizen of Grenada forever. Your citizenship is automatically transferred to your descendants.

Allowance for dual citizenship

Grenada allows dual citizenship. You can still retain your home nation’s citizenship while holding a Grenadian passport.

Investment period

If you invest in real estate, you are required to hold the property for 5 years.

Non-disclosure of information

Every step of the application process is kept strictly confidential.

Country Facts



Population Growth

0.46% (annually)

GDP (per capita)


GDP (purchasing power parity)


Visa-free nations



The Caribbean. Situated between the North Atlantic Ocean (North of Trinidad & Tobago) and the Caribbean Sea.

City capital

Saint George’s

Time zone

UTC +4

Area size

344 sq. km.

Age distribution

0 – 14-year-olds: 24.15%

15-24-year-olds: 15.55%

25-54-year-olds: 40.36%

55-64-year-olds: 10.10%

65+ year olds: 9.84%


English (official), French patois


Roman Catholic: 44.6%

Protestant: 43.5% (includes)

  • Anglican: 11.5%
  • Pentecostal: 11.3%
  • Seventh Day Adventist: 10.5%
  • Baptist: 2.9%
  • Church of God: 2.6%
  • Methodist: 1.8%
  • Evangelical: 1.6%
  • Others: 1.3%

Jehovah’s Witness: 1.1%

Rastafarian: 1.1%

Others: 6.2%

None: 3.6%

Style of government

Parliamentary democracy (Parliament) and Commonwealth realm


East Caribbean dollars (XCD), tied to USD

Exchange rate

1 USD = 2.7 XCD

Economy Investments Options

There are two investment options for getting a Grenadian passport

Donation to the Government Fund

The first option is by donating a non-refundable contribution ($150,000 minimum) to the National Transformation Fund (NTF). This applies to a single applicant, however, for a family of up to 4 members, the donation amount increases to $200,000.

Investment in Real Estate

The second option is real estate investment. Here an individual can choose to apply for Grenada citizenship as a co-investor or solo investor. If applying as a co-investor, they’d be required to invest a minimum of $220,000 in a government-approved real estate unit to be co-owned along with another co-investor.

In addition, the following investment requirements and obligations will have to be met;

A flat government fee of $50,000 must be paid and it will cover 1 applicant or co-investor.

Also, for both the real estate and NTF options, an extra $25,000 is required to be paid for each dependent if the applicant’s family is more than 4.

$5000 due diligence fees each are expected to be paid by the applicant and on every dependent aged 17 and over.

There’s also the government processing fees of $500 for each applicant aged 18 and under while those over 18 will attract fees of $1500 each. 

Lastly, government application fees as well as passport fees sum up to $1750 each per applicant.

Pros & Cons of Grenada Citizenship by Investment


There are several advantages of Grenadian citizenship by investment. The program is similar yet uniquely different from that of its regional and global competitors.

1.   E-2 Visa agreement with the USA

As a Grenadian citizen, you are entitled to an E-2 Visa to the United States of America. This is important because Grenada is the only Caribbean citizenship by investment country to boast this feature.

2.   Travel visa-free to over 140 countries

These countries include the United Kingdom, Ireland, the entire Schengen Area, some Balkan nations, and some Latin American countries. You can also travel visa-free to Russia and China. This could be highly beneficial, especially if you do business in these countries. It could save you lots of time and prevent you from facing hassles in the long run.

3.   Rapid processing time

The pre-check step in the CBI application process is one of the things that make the entire process fast. The Grenada government is committed to speeding up applications received from investors.

4.   Descendants also enjoy Grenada citizenship

Grenada citizenship by investment allows you to pass on your citizenship to your unborn children and their children. Getting the passport gives you the chance to creating a longlasting legacy.

5.   Invest or donate only after approval

The Grenada CBI program is quite transparent. You only get to release your funds after your application has been reviewed and approved.

6.   Dual citizenship guaranteed

You’ll get to enjoy the tempting benefits that come with having dual citizenship as Grenada fully allows its citizens to hold more than one passport.

7.   Dependents can include parents and grandparents

Dependents are clearly redefined in Grenada’s CBI program. Aside from spouse and children, dependents can also include siblings, parents, and grandparents. Point to note, Grenada citizenship by investment is the only scheme that accepts siblings as dependents.

8.   No need for residency

You are not required to spend a certain period living in Grenada before you’re considered eligible for Grenadian citizenship.

9.   No interviews or language prerequisites

The application process does not require one to learn the Grenadian local language or learn any other cultural requirements before being granted citizenship.

10.        Anyone can apply

Grenada does not exclude any nation from applying for its citizenship programs. Thus, citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, among others, are welcome to apply. Everyone is guided according to their paces through the due diligence procedure.

11.        Completely digitalized process

Every level of the application process is fully digitalized; right from submission of documents to the presentation of your passport. Also, the process doesn’t need you to take recurrent flights to Grenada to fill out any paperwork.

12.        Friendly taxation system

Grenada can best be described as a tax haven. This is because there are no taxes placed on the income you generate outside of its territory. In addition, you will not be taxed on wealth, inheritance, gift, or capital gains.

13.        Your personal data is safe

While you will be asked to provide your personal information during the application process, you can rest assured that your data will be kept safe and secured. The whole process is done with the utmost confidentiality and as such, no information of yours will be relayed to any third party. In fact, your new citizenship will not be disclosed to your home nation or present citizenship.

14.        Ease of access to major cities

You can get direct flights to Grenada from London, Frankfurt, New York, Miami, and a few others. Thus, if you ever feel homesick, you can get on a plane and jet out to your home country easily.


The drawbacks to Grenada citizenship of investment are not many at all. However, this section will cover the most important points that make up the problems you may face with it. 

1.   It can be considered expensive

Although Grenada is located in the Caribbean, however, unlike its close counterparts in the region, Grenada citizenship by investment is quite high-priced. This is because of the additional incentives that come with the citizenship program.

2.   It may not be as fast as expected

This is not common to Grenada alone, as almost all countries across the Caribbean are believed to not be as “efficient” as expected when it comes to delivering on time. This is probably because they have a relaxed attitude with plenty of coffee breaks during working hours. There’s also the island time problem that needs to be factored. All of these should be considered when starting out with the application process.

3.   Passport renewal troubles

A few investors have reported having a tough time renewing their passports. Although they eventually got renewed, however, they went through a lot of trouble to achieve it. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you’ll face the same problems, however, you should try to keep it in mind just in case.

4 fascinating attractions in Grenada

Grenada is a beautiful island in the sun well-known for its brilliant variety of spices including ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and more. However, Grenada is much more than just spices and beaches. There are other fascinating attractions in Grenada you’ll discover in this section. Being familiar with these facts can help you feel like a native before you get your Grenadian passport.

1.  St. Georges Underwater Sculpture Park

One of the most fascinating sights to see in Grenada are the sculptures located in St George’s Underwater Park. These impressive works of art can be viewed when snorkeling or diving. From the looks of the artwork, you could easily draw the story of the cultural and historical background of Grenadians.

The idea behind the sculptures is to promote the preservation of coral reefs and the creator, Jason deCaires Taylor, has stated how the striking pieces of art serve as artificial reefs. (https://www.underwatersculpture.com/environment/artificial-reefs/) Surprisingly enough, these sculptures have drawn different varieties of marine life to those parts where damaged reefs previously existed. This may be partly because the artwork blends perfectly into the underwater environment.

2.  Iconic historical forts

When you eventually travel to Grenada, try and visit the historical Fort George. The ancient landmark was built in 1705 by the French. It is one of the major sightseeing locations in Grenada. The cannons used back in the 18th century are still on site to date. While visiting, you can take a break to capture the breath-taking views of the Bay, including St George’s.

In order to fully explore the fort, you would have to do some bit of climbing. However, once you successfully make it to the top, you’d agree that the view right there is definitely worth it. There’s also the Fort Frederick, built in 1779 by the French as well. These sites grant you another rare chance to connect with the history of the Island.

3.  The lake at the center of a defunct volcano

Volcanic islands can give you an exciting insight into the craters and other fascinating elements common to inactive volcanoes. In Grenada’s case though, there’s a defunct volcano on the island and that’s not all. The most iconic attraction at the volcano’s heart is a crater-formed lake.

This lake is bordered by lush jungle and while touring through it, you’ll probably get to see tropical wildlife like lizards and birds, as well as other attractive flora and fauna so uniquely beautiful, you’ll likely never want to stop taking pictures.

In addition, if you’re up for a challenging hike, you can head up to Mount Qua Qua. Engaging in this hike will take you across a volcanic crater ridge.

4.  Alluring waterfalls

Aside from the beautiful beaches along this exciting Caribbean island, the waterfalls are a must-see attraction. There are different waterfalls in Grenada but the most visited one is the Annandale Waterfall because of its proximity to the capital, St George’s.

If you’re looking to explore further, you can check out other waterfalls like the Seven Sisters, Mount Carmel, and Concord Falls. Situated at the Grand Etang National Park, Seven Sisters Falls requires a 45-minute hike to get to the location. At the end of the hike, feel free to take a refreshing dip in the glistening pool.

If you look forward to getting wet, remember to go with a pair of water shoes and some extra clothing. You may try visiting Concord Falls if you want to explore more waterfalls on the island. The trails on this venture are very exciting with some pretty awesome views.

Lastly, it’s better to go exploring as part of a tour rather than tour alone because these waterfalls aren’t that easy to find. You won’t find it funny wandering around alone in the jungle without a sense of clear direction.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment FAQs

Where is Grenada located?

Grenada can be located in the Caribbean region and pinpointed using these coordinates – 12°03′N 61°45′W. Basically, it is just 12 degrees and three minutes north of the equator.

How much exactly does a Grenadian passport cost?

For $158,000, an individual can obtain a Grenadian passport via a donation to the NTF. However, it would cost about $214,000 for a family of 4 members. Applicants intending to add more than 3 dependents will have to pay an extra $25,000 on each additional dependent.

Can I apply for citizenship with my family?

Of course, you can. Grenada citizenship by investment is one of the most inclusive in the world. This is because it allows you to bring in not just your spouse and kids, but also your siblings, parents, and grandparents. However, you will have to fulfill specific conditions (which have been discussed in this article) to achieve this.

Am I expected to travel to Grenada to obtain my passport?

The application process for Grenada citizenship by investment does not require you to travel to the country. Also, there are no specific residency requirements you have to pass. Technically, you can chill right there in your home country from the beginning to the end of the application process and still get your Grenada passport. You do not have to leave your current country of residence in order to obtain Grenadian citizenship.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Grenada?

The Grenadian authorities allow their citizens to hold two or more passports. This means you do not have to renounce your native citizenship before you can hold a Grenadian passport.

How many years is my Grenadian passport valid for?

5 years. That’s how long the Grenadian passport is valid. After 5 years from the date of issuing, you will have to renew the passport at the relevant immigration office in Grenada.

When my passport expires, how do I renew it?

Your Grenadian passport can be renewed directly at the Grenadian Passport and Immigration Office or at the Grenadian Consulate in London.

After applying for Grenadian citizenship through citizenship by investment, when will I receive my Grenadian citizenship?

Subject to a successful due diligence check and payment confirmation, you should receive approval for Grenadian citizenship by investment within 60 business days from the date of submission. You can now go ahead to apply for a Grenada passport shortly after. The passports are issued within days following the passport application.

How does Grenadian citizenship support my child’s education?

If your kids are yet to attend college or university, then they might be set up to enjoy one of the best educational services for their careers. Situated in Grenada, St George’s University is a foremost educational institution excellent in training students and molding them into highly-skilled individuals in their respective fields.

They teach courses in medical, veterinary, arts, and sciences while their graduates train in several top-class medical facilities in the UK and the USA. St George’s University is regarded as the best United States offshore university. It has international accreditation and currently trains 6000 students from over 140 nations.

How does Grenada being a part of the Commonwealth of Nations benefit me?

As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, there are several benefits you stand to gain. For example, you’ll find it much easier to travel across member states. Also, as a citizen of a Commonwealth Nation, you will be protected by the commissions and embassies of all other member states anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you will be allowed to enter and compete in international sporting competitions like the Commonwealth Games.

How is Grenada’s economic outlook?

Agriculture, tourism, and the manufacturing sectors have been growing impressively in Grenada. Also, the currency is stable and secure because they are a member of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and currency system. Their currency is also pegged to the US dollar. In addition, businesses can be done using US dollars and there are zero taxes on the repatriation of profit.

Begin Your Grenada Citizenship by Investment Journey

With the rate at which citizenship by investment rates go up periodically, now may be the best time to kickstart your quest for a second passport. Grenada citizenship by investment offers you the chance to purchase a Grenada passport via donation or real estate investment.

Although the donation option appears to be cheaper, the real estate investment option might offer a better value for money in terms of ROI. It is a fact that real estate prices drive up from time to time, so if you invest in Grenada’s pre-approved real estate, chances are that after the 5-year holding period, your investment might have picked up some reasonable profits.

Now is not the time to miss out on such an opportunity. To begin the process, you will need to apply through only registered authorized agents. These agents can benefit you in many ways; They can help;

  • Lower the number of trips you’d have to make to Grenada if you were running the application on your own.
  • Eliminate the risk of errors that may pop up when its time to submit the application forms.
  • Provide direct information relating to the process and pass across any other relevant updates to you.

Do you need help with more information or advice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will give you some well-thought-out advice before you take the next step. At Passport Legacy, we have assisted a large number of reputable individuals to expand their access to the many regions of the world.

Step-by-Step Process Overview

A) Pre-Application Background Check:

–           To initiate the process, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Passport Copy;
  • Completed pre-screen questionnaire (will be provided by us)

–           After receiving these documents, they will be submitted for a Pre-Application background check. This normally takes a maximum of 24 – 48 hours.

B) Pre-Application Deposit and Client Agreement:

–           If the pre-screen background check is all clear, it is possible to formally initiate the process. At this point, an invoice will be issued and the pre-application deposit of $5,000 should be paid;

–           A Client Facilitator Agreement between the Primary Applicant and Passport Legacy DMCC should be signed.

C) Prepare and Submit Application:

–           Passport Legacy’s experienced consultants will assist you with every step of preparing your application, from gathering together all of the required documents, to filling in the required application forms.

–           When your application is completely prepared and ready to be submitted, the second payment (due diligence and application fees minus the pre-application deposit) should be made.

–           Your application will be submitted to the Citizenship by Investment Commission.

–           The comprehensive due diligence check is initiated and the government processes the citizenship application.

D) Approval and Final Payment:

–           An approval letter from the Government of the Commonwealth will be issued within 90 days informing you of your status as a Citizen of the country.

–           Only upon approval of your application will you be required to make the final payment (full donation amount).

–           The passport will be issued and couriered to us after confirming a scan of the passport. The Citizenship certificates will be within the same package. Upon receipt, we will meet and handover the citizenship documents.

Note that only about 30% of the total cost of the program must be paid prior to approval while the remaining 70% is only paid upon approval.

Why Choose Passport Legacy

There are many reasons why you ought to choose Passport Legacy to handle your Grenada citizenship by investment application. These reasons include;

  • You’ll get to enjoy an all-round professional service that includes due diligence checks to help pave the way for a smooth application process.
  • The service rendered is completely in-house.
  • The Passport Legacy team is poised to help out in terms of documents procurements, certifications, as well as language translations that clients would have otherwise found difficult to obtain on their own.
  • There are several real estate options to choose from and the Passport Legacy team will assist you with information regarding these potential assets so you can choose the best option.
  • Our fee structure won’t knock you off balance. It is quite attractive.
  • We boast a 100% approval rate record.
  • What’s more, you only have to pay 30% of the total cost for the program until you get your approval confirmation from the Grenadian government. Afterward, you can settle the remaining 70% balance upon approval of Grenadian citizenship.


With over a decade of combined experience in the CBI industry, whether it’s a second citizenship you crave or an alternative residence, we’ve got all the information and tools to help fast track your requests.

We understand that the entire process can look daunting at times, however, we have oversimplified it to your satisfaction. Our services embody remarkable professionalism that would keep you confident throughout the application process. With Grenada’s citizenship by investment, let us jumpstart a new legacy for you that would last for eons.