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Max Heller

A Swiss national with over five years of experience within the investment migration industry, Max Heller is a seasoned expert in the field. As Manager of Passport Legacy’s Lagos branch in Nigeria, Max is committed to providing his clients with high-value, tailored solutions that meet their unique ambitions and goals. Fluent in German and English, he has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, specialising in the needs of international clients from across the Middle East and Africa regions.

Prior to joining Passport Legacy, Max worked as a senior client advisor in the immigration sector, a role that allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the residence and citizenship by investment industry. His unparalleled knowledge and expertise allow him to help clients pinpoint the best options available to them, enabling them to seamlessly attain a second residency or passport of their choice. Working alongside clients every step of the way, Max is committed to delivering the highest calibre of service, with exceptional results.

Max Passport Legacy
NOOR MEREBY Passport Legacy


Noor Mereby, is the business development manager at Passport Legacy, operating out of our Lagos branch in Nigeria.

Prior to Passport Legacy, Noor worked as a Senior Marketing Executive in the high-end fashion industry in Beirut, Lebanon. She developed an intensive experience in handling the company’s marketing plan, planning events, and maintaining a great and constant relationship with more than 50 brands.

After moving to Lagos, Noor decided to take advantage of her earned skills into pursuing strategic opportunities for Passport Legacy. She is a Lebanese national and speaks fluent Arabic, English, and French, facilitating her daily engagement with clients from different nationalities and creating the best experience for them.