Live tax free with an ocean view via Indonesia’s digital nomad visa

Indonesia’s digital nomad visa

Remote working has become a popular and effective method of working across the globe; giving workers the chance to choose their own offices. With the changing rules that the pandemic brought about, most workspaces shifted online, and although some offices have opened their doors again, many organisations have embraced digital communication and remote work.

Now as the world recovers from the pandemic and moves towards global vaccinations, safer health and open international borders, people can continue to do their regular office jobs remotely, from anywhere in the world. Employees can and will still help businesses to thrive, whilst enjoying greater freedom, a better work life balance and overall increase in the enjoyment of the role.

Now, remote workers who dreamt of someday logging in from a beautiful seaside villa, will soon get their chance. Indonesia’s tourism minister Sandiaga Uno announced to Bloomberg that the country is now developing a new “digital nomad” visa to attract long-term visitors. Hoping to bring in up to 3.6 million overseas travellers and more jobs for Indonesians, the digital nomad visa will be effective for five years and will not tax any income received from overseas.

What is the Indonesian digital nomad visa?

Currently, Indonesia offers two forms of work permits; for those who are coming for work purposes or to work for an Indonesian based business must have a KITAS permit. Others who are coming to Indonesia for business-related activities such as arranging exports or conferences but are employed elsewhere in the world, are able to come on the D212 visa. Now however this new remote work visa comes as part of a push for a different kind of tourist in popular destinations like Bali.

“In the past, the ‘three S’s’ were sun, sea, and sand. We’re moving it to serenity, spirituality, and sustainability,” Uno said. With a goal to increase the spiritual element of the country, the Indonesian government has granted the digital nomad visa a five year stay, for remote workers to truly enjoy the tranquility of the country and truly immerse themselves in Indonesian culture, all whilst enjoying a no tax life.

To make the process of becoming a digital nomad in Indonesia as easy as possible, the government will be streamlining the application process to be truly efficient, and will be increasing the frequency of flights, helping employees to make the move there.

It is said that the visa will last digital nomads five years, however as of now the Indonesian government has not yet released information about the eligibility criteria or which countries will be able to apply for the visa. It is expected that information regarding where the visa needs to be applied and whether this needs to be done before entering the country will be relayed shortly.

How can you benefit from an Indonesian digital nomad visa?

Around 95% of surveyed ‘digital nomads’ have said that Indonesia, particularly Bali, is their top destination for remote work. Therefore, for those looking to explore, experience living in another country and immerse yourself in Indonesian culture, then the digital nomad visa is the perfect way to carry out your daily work tasks, whilst enjoying the Balinese ocean view.

As Indonesia’s remote work visa would be a longer visa than any other ‘digital nomad’ visa currently available in other countries, including Mexico and Barbados which offer stays of one or two years, this offers remote workers to enjoy a nomad visa for longer.

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