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European Citizenship by Investment Program


EUR 1,000,000

to Acquire

18-36 months


182 Countries

    Benefits of acquiring Malta Passport

    Individuals have the option of carrying a second passport

    Malta passport holders have the Right to Establishment and have the freedom to immigrate to all EU countries

    Malta passport holders can travel to 182 countries without a visa

    Future generations will be able to reap the benefits of the passport without incurring any extra costs

    Program overview

    Officially known as the Republic of Malta, the island nation is part of a three-island archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Due to of its EU membership, the country has been an appealing choice for migrants over the years. The Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment was formed by the Maltese government is the easiest way to obtain a second passport from Malta.


    An investment of EUR 1,000,000 makes an expat eligible to become a native of the country and potentially gain residency in the future. Malta passport holders are free to hold dual passports and can travel to 182 countries, including both North American and European Union countries, without requiring a visa.

    Document checklist

    Applicants must provide the following documentation as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process:


    Yes, EU citizens may apply for Malta citizenship through Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment.

    Maltese language proficiency is not necessary for naturalisation and the applicant does not require any citizenship test during the application process. 

    Yes, an individual can hold more than one citizenship after being naturalized as a Maltese citizen. Malta accepts dual citizenship however, the individual’s current country of citizenship may impose limitations.

    Citizenship is acquired on the day of issuance of the certificate of naturalisation. Children born before the issuance date cannot become Maltese citizens. However, children born after the issuance date can automatically acquire Maltese citizenship.