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European Citizenship-by-Investment Program


Officially termed as the Republic of Malta, the island nation is a part of a three-island archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The country, over the years, has become an attractive destination for migrants due to its status as an EU member. Individual Investor Program setup by the Maltese government is the quickest route to attain a secondary passport from Malta. With an investment of 1,000,000 € an expat can become a resident of the country and also possibly attain citizenship in the future. Maltese passport holders are free to hold dual passports, and can commute to 168 countries, including all the North American countries and EU countries without any visa restrictions. At Passport Legacy, we offer our customers diligent and efficient support to attain a Maltese passport from Dubai.

Malta Individual Investor Program

Infrastructure Investment = Requires a donation of atleast 650,000 € to the government of Malta for the expansion of infrastructure in the country.

Property Investment = Lease a property for an amount of 16,000 € per year or buy residential property in the country, for rates starting from 350,000 € respectively.

Stocks or Bonds Investment = Acquisition of Governmental bonds or those listed on the Malta Stock exchange for at least 150,000 €.

Malta Passport – Benefits

  • Individuals are free to hold a secondary passport
  • Right to Establishment, i.e. holders acquire the ability to immigrate to all EU countries
  • Quick & easy application process
  • Holders can travel to 182 countries without any visa
  • Future generations can reap the benefits without any additional fees


€ 1,000,000

Time To

12-24 Months


182 Countries