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Golden Visa: US expats renounce citizenship as UAE offers more attractive lifestyle

Over 2,800 high net worth expats have renounced the US citizenship in the first three-quarters of this year. Over 150,000 Golden Visas were issued since 2019, Passport Legacy, a Swiss boutique firm has observed a surge in the number of expatriate high-net-worth individuals who are renouncing their US citizenship.
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Daniel Duric: UAE is the Most Secure Country in the World

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular targets for Asian immigrant investors seeking residency as well as the most secure, Passport Legacy managing director Daniel Duric said in a conversation with finews.asia.
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Citizen by investment programmes are booming despite inflation

Despite the high worldwide inflation rates and economic instability that followed the Covid-19 pandemic’s market turmoil, encouraging sentiments toward such initiatives have not just persisted, but also increased.
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New UAE Golden Visa, Green Visa, long-term visit visa rules come into effect today: Benefits and how to apply

“The UAE’s determination to achieve new success has seen countless individuals benefit from its #GoldenVisa program and this has led to its leading global position in the immigration sector and appeal as a top destination overall. The introduction of the #GreenVisa will only elevate the UAE’s stature to help the country maintain its allure through the year.” Quote from Jeffrey Henseler CEO and Founder of Passport Legacy as seen in Arabian Business.
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From Dh3 meals for labourers to fund for Pakistan flood victims: How UAE businessmen are giving back to society

At 21, when he moved to Dubai, Jeffrey knew that he wanted to go back to do something for the struggling children across Africa. Later, when he started his company Passport Legacy and was financially stable, he decided it was time to make good on his resolve.
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UAE is world’s most powerful passport: This is how the world’s passports are ranked on their influence

With hundreds of passports in the world, and several ranking systems in place, understanding what determines the actual value of a passport is intricate. Acquiring a second passport, or relinquishing citizenship in one country to immigrate, is an increasingly popular trend.
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Measuring the True Power of Passports

With hundreds of passports in the world, and several ranking systems in place, understanding what determines the actual value or a passport is intricate. Here are some key considerations to assess when analysing a passport’s strength:
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The many reasons why UAE is scoring so well in Citizenship by Investment initiatives

The global Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) industry was recently valued at $21.4 billion. International interest in applying for a second citizenship has risen alongside pandemic recovery and the global market is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025. If these projections are realized, recipients of CBI (currently 5,000 people annually) will inevitably climb even higher.