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The many reasons why UAE is scoring so well in Citizenship by Investment initiatives

The global Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) industry was recently valued at $21.4 billion. International interest in applying for a second citizenship has risen alongside pandemic recovery and the global market is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025. If these projections are realized, recipients of CBI (currently 5,000 people annually) will inevitably climb even higher.

Passport Legacy announces insights on the best countries for ‘Citizenship-by-Investment’ programs

People looking to invest in a second passport are most interested in the ability to add their family members, including children above the age of 18, as well as parents and securing a passport from a country that has a stable government and primary healthcare benefits among other various reasons
Gulf News

Easy travel access makes UAE passport one of the world’s most powerful

What makes some passports powerful and distinguishes them from others? Many don’t know that different indexes rank passports according to their tailored methodology. The easy travel associated with the passport, but also the investment opportunities associated with acquiring it, along with the quality of living.
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أقوى جوازات السفر في العالم لعام 2022

ما الذي يمنح جواز السفر قوته ويميزه عن غيره؟ يخفى عن الكثير أن بعض المؤشرات تعتمد منهجيات خاصة لتقييم جوازات السفر، من بينها سهولة السفر باستخدام الجواز وفرص الاستثمار التي يتيحها ونوعية الحياة التي يوفرها.
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Wealthy Lebanese buy ‘island passports’ as crisis bites

Fearing visa hassles could cost him his job in Dubai while an economic collapse had dashed any homecoming options, Lebanese executive Jad splurged around $135,000 on a new citizenship for himself and his wife. Within a month of making the payment last year, the 43-year-old businessman received a small package in his mailbox.
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The Portuguese Golden Visa VS Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs; Which is Best For You ?

The term Residency and Citizenship by Investment (RCBI) is well known amongst the world’s high net worth individuals. A pathway to secure a residency or a second citizenship through an investment that would extravagantly enhance their lifestyle is something too good to pass on, and RCBI is becoming more popular by the day.
Five Benefits of a Second Passport

Five Benefits of a Second Passport

With rapid uncertainty facing all corners of the world today, residency and citizenship-by-investment have become suitable and popular options for individuals seeking out new horizons for them and their families.

Citizenship by investment: COVID, Ukraine war have changed priorities

Citizenship-by-investment has become a popular topic for many today. Whether a business owner, a frequent flyer or an investor looking to diversify real estate investments and secure future prospects, acquiring second citizenship and residency has a host of benefits for individuals and their families.