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European Residence by Investment Program


EUR 350,000

to Acquire

4-8 months


Schengen zone

    Benefits of acquiring Portuguese Residence

    Attractive taxation

    Travel visa free within the Schengen zone

    Portuguese residents require to be physically present in the country for seven days in a year during the residency period

    Program overview

    Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest countries, with a rich historical and architectural heritage. Luminosity, radiance, and culture beam from this country’s whitewashed villages and green vineyards, which are situated on the blissfully elegant Atlantic Ocean.


    Portugal has a vibrant and rich community, a Mediterranean climate, and a healthy and secure environment that is suitable for raising a family, doing business, or traveling. In Portugal’s safe and rapidly expanding industry, investors can find numerous opportunities.


    In 2012, the Portuguese government launched the Portugal Golden Visa program. It is Europe’s most common residency by investment program, owing to the fact that after five years, it leads to European citizenship.

    Document checklist

    Applicants must provide the following documentation as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process:


    The Portugal Golden Visa program is a simple way for non-EU citizens to obtain a Portugal residency. An investor can obtain a residence visa for himself and his dependents by investing at least EUR 280,000 in residential properties.

    To gain Portugal citizenship, the applicant must pass an A2 level basic language examination (CIPLE). For children under the age of ten, the exam may be modified. Children between the ages of 10 and 18 will be excluded from the exam if they attend a Portuguese school or have a declaration of proficiency.

    It takes five years from the time the applicant makes a qualifying investment and obtains a Portugal Golden Visa to be able to apply for citizenship. Before applying, the applicant can take a Portuguese language test at any time. Naturalization in Portugal takes approximately six months after applying for citizenship.

    The applicant may also opt to start a business in Portugal and build ten jobs. If the company is located in a low-density area, the number is reduced to eight.