Minimum Capital Investment

EUR 280,000

Minimum Investment by Real Estate

EUR 280,000

Time to Residency

4-8 months

Visa - free Access

Schengen Area


EUR 280,000





About Portugal Residency by Investment

Located in the south of Europe in the  Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is the oldest nation-state on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the oldest in Europe. Its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of its culture: salt cods and grilled sardines are national dishes and historic architectural buildings dating as far back as the 1500s are a reminder that Portugal was once a powerful maritime empire.

  • The capital of the country is Lisbon
  • The currency is Euro
  • The current population as of 2020 (World Bank): 10.3 million

The Portugal Golden Visa, launched in 2012, was heavily promoted by the Portuguese government and in return has attracted a high number of qualified foreign investors due to the program’s flexibility and attractive benefits such as the low stay requirements, and the possibility of acquiring citizenship by naturalization.

To qualify for the Portuguese investor visa program, the applicant must make a qualifying investment starting at EUR 280,000 in real estate. The residence by investment program is a five-year program in which the holder must stay for a minimum of seven days per year in Portugal for the first five years.

1 1 | Citizenship by investment

The golden visa allows its holders' visa free travel within Europe's Schengen area.

Dual Citizenship

The country places no restrictions on dual citizenship

European Union

Avail all the benefits as other EU residents

2 1 | Citizenship by investment

Attractive taxation system

19 | Citizenship by investment

You and your family will have the right to work, study and live in Portugal

23 | Citizenship by investment

Possibility of applying for citizenship after 5 years

Program Requirements:

11 | Citizenship by investment

To qualify for passport investment, applicants may choose from one of two options:

9 1 | Citizenship by investment

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