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Second Passport – travel visa-free with a second passport

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Second Passport – travel visa-free with a second passport

second passport

If you’re a high-net-worth individual, then chances are that you are already considering getting a second passport. If that’s true, then, bravo! Getting a second passport is one of the smartest moves you can take.

While holding a second passport, you could maximize your economic and personal freedom. Having dual citizenship or even multiple citizenships is a crucial step when it comes to actually internationalize your life – as it means no sole government “possesses” you.

With a second passport, you get to enjoy all the advantages like protection against strict governments, lesser taxes, better travel potential, and so much more.

Table Of Contents

What Is a Passport & Why You Need It?

A passport is a travel document usually in the form of a booklet that identifies you as a citizen of a particular nation. Did you know that before the first world war, nobody had passports?

Of course, everybody had to be a citizen of some region, however, there were no documents to back up this fact back then, especially when they had to travel across borders. Fortunately, things aren’t like that anymore.

Your passport indicates your affiliation and identity. It also defines the specific places you’re able to go as well as the nations you can reside in, invest in, and bring your family to if need be.

You’ll agree with us that no one should be forced to conform to a single government just because they were born there. The reason is quite obvious. Over the years, governments have abused citizenship by using it as a tool of economic enslavement.

Historically, a passport was a tool of convenience. Your ruler hands you a set of documents so you can show another ruler in a different region. The documents contain information that requests your safe passage through their territory.

These days, passports are just another means of government identification. You might as well shut yourself in your house if the government seizes your passport. They can do this if you commit a crime like owing taxes.

Some countries have even had discussions about limiting the freedom of movement of their citizens. It’s really getting that crazy. Also, holding a western passport can count against you if you find yourself in a tricky situation, for instance, certain countries are prone to be targets of terrorist attacks.

Before you find yourself in such murky waters, why not get a second passport? If you own a US passport, it’s increasingly harder to get into Iran or even do business there. Unsurprisingly, other countries are aware of this.

That’s why nations like Singapore and Switzerland have tightened the requirements for acquiring a second passport there. They know that the demand for their passports has soared. While many Russians, Chinese, and Middle Easterners now realize and enjoy the benefits of diversifying beyond their home nations, several Americans outside the shores of their country are learning the hard lesson of how limiting government decisions can affect their options.

A Danish businessman can outpace an American business just for the sole reason that they can expand their business across the world with much lesser restrictions. The bottom line is you need a second passport if you intend to restore your personal and financial freedom on a global level.

Benefits of Having a Second Passport

1. More Visa-free travel options

Lebanese and Chinese nationals are all too aware of the limited opportunities they simply because they happened to be born in a country whose passport doesn’t make international travel convenient. Even American citizens can expand their travel freedom by holding a second passport.

Although the American passport grants visa-free access to 157 countries, the citizens still need to apply for visas if they have to visit some countries like China and Russia. Unfortunately, the application process can be expensive and equally time-consuming.

However, with an Italian passport, an American could travel visa-free to 161 countries. They also get the right to live and work anywhere across Europe. That’s a massive boost alone, especially when you consider the number of visa-free countries increasing by 27.

Also, with a Chilean passport, you will enjoy visa-free access to all the nations of South America as well as Russia. There’s even a chance that you’ll be allowed to live in a South American nation save for Venezuela. This is covered under the Mercosur’s freedom of movement agreement.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, a second passport can give you more travel options. For instance, American citizens have been disallowed from entering EU nations for most of 2020. However, Italian dual passport holders can pretty much travel anywhere in the European Union.

2. An alternative place to reside in (regardless of the happenings in your home country)

Indeed, the most important benefit of having a second passport is its options to visit more visa-free countries. However, this here is another very important benefit. A second passport should be seen as a form of insurance policy.

Take the year 2020 for instance, a second passport could be the ticket you need to get out of cities plagued by lockdowns and natural disasters. It could be the pass that gets you safely away from cities being ravaged by riots and looting.

Elections can quickly turn violent in some countries and you’ll need a safe place to stay till the conflict dissolves. During times of violence, people find it harder to leave their countries. Not having the right passport, citizenship, visa, or residency you’re running to means you won’t even be given the chance to board a plane. That’s why you have to own a second passport.

A single passport from the right country can give you freedom to live, work, travel, invest, and even raise a family in the new nation.

3. Freedom and protection from travel/immigration control

Maybe you haven’t realized it yet but your passport is actually not your personal property. It belongs to your government. Thus, it is just as easy for them to snatch it from you as it is to hand it to you. Let us take a peep at Edward Snowden, for example.

Snowden leaked top-secret documents to the press and as a result, became a target of the American government. Consequently, they canceled his passport. Since this was Snowden’s sole passport, he was unable to travel anywhere and thus, was left stranded in the international transit of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.

He stayed there for over a month until the Russian government decided to grant him asylum. Had Snowden owned a second passport earlier before he became a target, he could have used his second passport as a safe landing. He’d continue living, traveling, and doing his business in another nation.

In addition, whistleblowing and government espionage are not the only reasons why a government can cross-out your passport. While no one was watching, the US government, on December 30, 3015, passed H.R. 22 (The FAST Act) which allows them to revoke your passport if they think, in their sole discretion, that you owe a minimum of $50,000 in taxes. (Due to the fact that the amount is indexed to inflation and it has since then been increased to $52,000.)

Note that the American government does not actually have to prove any wrongdoing on your part. They can cook up a simple allegation – or it can even be an obvious clerical error. And in a flash, they’ll cancel your passport.

They began to enforce this law back in 2018 and as of May 2019, the process to revoke the passports of nearly 389,000 people was initiated. If you hold only one passport, then you’re at the mercy of a single government. In essence, they dictate where you can live, travel, and do business.

All of a sudden, it’s not such a bright idea to invest so much trust in any nation with a history of abusing its power. So, if you hold anti-government views (even if for the right reasons), you’re at risk of the authorities restricting your travel freedom. Be a smart person and get that Plan B!

4. Remove yourself from unfriendly foreign policies

Some countries have more cultural and political enemies than others. The United States’ world politics have made American citizens very unpopular across the globe. Yes, it’s gotten to the point where every American is a potential target for terrorism. On the other hand, literally, no one threatens to bomb an airplane full of Moldovans.

5. A chance to conveniently lower your tax burden

Getting a second citizenship and residing there can significantly lessen your tax burden. For instance, American citizens with residency abroad can take advantage of the “Foreign Earned Income Exclusion” provision. The FEIE allows individuals to write off a minimum of $100,000 of income per year, tax-free.

Depending on the tax policy of your new country, you might even end up paying no taxes at all. Several countries have considerably lower tax burdens than many of their Western counterparts.

6. You can choose to renounce your present citizenship

With your second passport tucked-in, you may decide it’s time to renounce your present citizenship. It’s a wild step to even ponder about for many, however, it shouldn’t be a problem if you have multiple citizenships though. As you’ll have several other options at your fingertips.

American citizens who feel unfairly taxed can drastically ease their tax burden by renouncing their US citizenship. Although you may choose not to ever pull this move, however, having the power to do so if you please gives you significantly more freedom along with several other benefits.

For instance, Russia and Brazil do not extradite their citizens. In addition, your unborn kids will likely receive your second citizenship too. Letting them inherit such an asset (that can still be passed on to your descendants) is one of the most valuable things you can do for them. 

How to Get a Second Passport

There are five major ways by which you can get a second passport. So, if you’re looking for how to get a second passport, these methods are explained below

Citizenship by Descent

If you’re fortunate to have ancestral links to countries that offer ancestral citizenship, then you’re in some luck. You could get a second passport instantly without squeezing your bank balance. If you can prove family ties to a foreign country, then you may have hit the dual citizenship jackpot.

Some people can even use this method to claim multiple citizenships. Some of the countries that grant a 2nd passport to the descendants of emigrants include; England, Germany, Hungary, Armenia, France, Portugal, Latvia, Ireland, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Greece, etc.

However, the requirements to be eligible for getting a second passport this way vary from nation to nation. Basically, you will need to demonstrate a direct “uninterrupted” lineage between you and your ancestors.

Uninterrupted – meaning none of your ancestors must have renounced or lost their citizenship at some point before passing it on to the next descendant in your lineage. To get a 2nd passport this way, you’ll need to set up an appointment with your nearest consulate.

Bear in mind that you may be required to wait several months, however, be sure to spend all that time searching for and procuring the necessary documents. You may also need to have them officially translated and certified.

Also, be sure you know exactly what is expected of you to bring to the appointment. Some countries may request to see a police report indicating that you’re not a wanted criminal. This process often takes a while to push through the right channels so it’s better to start now.

You’ll also be required to come with your birth certificate, marriage and/or divorce certificate (as applicable) as well as passport. You should also bring the birth certificates of your children (if any).

Then there are necessary birth and death certificates (if applicable) of your ancestors. This should be from both your paternal and maternal lines, going all the way back to the ancestor. If the ancestors acquired any naturalization certificates, you’ll need to present those as well.

Citizenship by Marriage

Some countries have eased the requirements for getting their citizenship through marriage. If you marry a citizen of some of these countries, you’ll become eligible for citizenship and a second passport. However, you will still be expected to reside in the country for a period in order to qualify for citizenship. Nevertheless, being married to a citizen of that region makes the whole process less tedious.

Note that if your spouse can also claim ancestry through bloodlines, it would be wise to have them conclude that process first. Afterward, they can help you acquire citizenship via marriage. Be sure to consult a qualified immigration attorney first though. This option of getting a second passport might not be the most expedient or convenient route.

Citizenship by Investment

Definitely not the cheapest, citizenship by investment (CBI) is by far the fastest way of obtaining a second passport. It involves getting a second passport by investing some amount of money in a foreign country that eventually rewards you with citizenship.

Another name for it is “economic citizenship” and it is a legitimate method of buying a passport and citizenship. These programs usually come in two forms. The first one requires applicants to make an outright donation to the government in exchange for citizenship.

The second form, after making the donation to the government, requires the applicant to make an actual investment in businesses, financial instruments, or real estate property within a pre-approved set of investment opportunities.

These can cost from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. This means the citizenship by investment option is not for everyone. For many people, acquiring residency in a country and going through the lengthy naturalization process makes more sense.

Although economic citizenship may fit you perfectly, however, we recommend that you first confirm your eligibility for citizenship by ancestry if you need a second passport quickly. If you do find that CBI is your best choice for obtaining a second passport, then there are many options that offer varying qualities of passports.

The Caribbean region has five citizenship by investment programs currently active. These programs will give you (and your family) citizenship starting at $110,000 (single applicant) and $150,000 (family of four).

St. Lucia and Antigua & Barbuda even have a COVID-19 promo currently on. They believe it will attract many economic citizens to their regions which rely heavily on tourism and have unfortunately been hit hard by the pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions.

In addition, their passports’ quality is pretty decent, however, those from Europe are far better. Cyprus citizenship requires you to churn out over two million dollars for a passport, On the other hand, Malta will grant you their citizenship for much less – $880,000. Thus, Malta is purely the best value option if you want a powerful European passport.

If you’re a high-income earning American citizen intending to renounce your citizenship and migrate abroad, then an economic citizenship program would no doubt make economic sense for you. Together with Eritreans, US citizens are the only people in the world who are expected to pay taxes on income earned offshore.

As a high-income earning US citizen who has hopes of moving abroad and renouncing your US citizenship, an economic citizenship program might be the best option for you. By simply taking out your tax burden, you could offset the costs of a new passport instantly.

If you get residency and citizenship in a new country with low or zero tax, you might just obliterate the taxes you pay legally, and for life!

Citizenship by Naturalization

Many countries across the world offer citizenship by naturalization – a process where individuals can acquire citizenship by first being legal residents. Afterward, they have to maintain that residency for a set number of years (usually five years minimum).

However, some nations make it more stringent than others for foreigners to get residency and citizenship. For instance, in the United States of America, immigration rules make it very hard for foreigners to get a Green Card.

In contrast, the same process in Panama is very fast, easy, and also affordable. After spending five years in the country, you can apply to become a Panamanian citizen. In addition, you won’t need to spend a long period of time living in Panama to become eligible to apply for citizenship.

However, it’s still advisable to be able to connect and show strong ties to the nation to be approved. It is a fantastic alternative for people who seek a change; people who need a place to go regardless of the happenings around the world, and subsequently a second passport a few years later.

Note that both residency and passport opportunities are prone to change regularly since they’re subject to the laws of demand and supply. Thus, countries will likely make it less strenuous for foreigners to achieve residency and get citizenship whenever need money or talent.

Once that need is no longer there, these countries will shutdown their programs and close their residency paths.

Citizenship by Special Circumstances

Although there are no shortcuts to getting instant citizenship, some special circumstances can lead to an individual being granted one. Sometimes referred to as citizenship by exception, the decision to give citizenship by special circumstances lies at the discretion of the president or head of state.

A very good example of citizenship by special circumstances is the Middle East. Countries there are eager to recruit promising athletes from Africa to compete for them. Thus, they’ll quick as easy select the best athletes and hand them a passport so they can represent them at competitions like the Olympic Games.

In Asia, people who are adept in arts are also naturalized and given citizenship. Citizenship by circumstances can also be given to foreigners who perform heroic acts, for instance, Mamoudou Gassama, who saved a baby from falling off a balcony in France.

Best Countries to Get a Second Passport by Investment

You can obtain a second passport via citizenship by investment through some of these countries below:


  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate, bonds, securities
  • Minimum amount for passport – €2,150,000
  • Visa-free countries – 172

Antigua & Barbuda

  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate, local business
  • Minimum amount for passport – $145,000
  • Visa-free countries – 129


  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate
  • Minimum amount for passport – $158,000
  • Visa-free countries – 140+ (includes the US E-2 Visa)


  • Application requirement – Donation
  • Investment options – N/A
  • Minimum amount for passport – $180,000 (covers family of 4)
  • Visa-free countries – 116

St. Kitts & Nevis

  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate
  • Minimum amount for passport – $157,500
  • Visa-free countries – 131


  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate, stocks, bonds, etc
  • Minimum amount for passport – €1,150,000
  • Visa-free countries – 155


  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate
  • Minimum amount for passport – €350,000
  • Visa-free countries – 111


  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate
  • Minimum amount for passport – $108,500
  • Visa-free countries – 122

St. Lucia

  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate, bonds
  • Minimum amount for passport – $109,500
  • Visa-free countries – 123


  • Application requirement – Donation, investment
  • Investment options – Real estate, local business, bonds, venture capitalist funds, etc
  • Minimum amount for passport – $250,000
  • Visa-free countries – 112

Advice & Tips on Selecting The Best 2nd Passport Option

If you’re going to get the best second passport, be sure to acquire it legitimately. Also, try to obtain a second passport that opens up as many doors for not only you but your family as well. On the flip side, some passports also come with certain obligations. You need to be aware of these before seeking a second citizenship. Below are some of the qualities you should look out for before deciding which is the best second passport option for you.

1. The nation’s reputation

Depending on the country you pick, their reputation could be the difference in how immigration officials and your home nation’s government treat you. A country may likely choose to not honor your foreign citizenship if they don’t believe it to be legitimate. Although this is quite rare, it has actually happened in extreme circumstances.

For instance, some nations are notorious for selling passports. Indeed, travel documents from these nations are still very useful, however, they may likely face tougher scrutiny. The quality of such a passport is bound to dip if other countries choose to revoke visa-free travel to and from that nation.

Unarguably, European passports are some of the best in the world. Fortunately, these passports can also easily be obtained via citizenship by ancestry programs. You should probably check if you’re eligible for one via this route.

2. How well you mix with the nation’s population in relation to your race

Your passport’s legitimacy may also be determined by how immigration officials consider you as a part of the local culture. These officials may not be exempt from racism and so might find your document questionable if you look physically different from the local population.

You can dodge this problem by selecting a country whose natives you can easily blend in with. Basically, you should consider choosing a country in which the citizens look like you ethnically. It should be a country you can easily mix and blend in conveniently.

For instance, if you hold a Caribbean passport but you look pale white with blonde hair, it’d be quite harder to sell that you’re actually from the region. You may have to forgive immigration officers for looking at you twice before giving you the green light to pass.

With a Brazilian passport, on the other hand, you can look pretty much like anyone else from the multiracial country.

3. The tax policy in the country

A massive advantage of getting residency abroad is the possibility of potentially lessening your tax burden. For instance, American citizens residing abroad can apply for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. It allows them to separate over $100,000 of their income from their tax return.

Obviously, you may likely still be expected to pay taxes in your newly adopted nation if you reside there. However, you might end up paying little or zero taxes forever. Now, this is the major reason why some Americans would rather renounce their US citizenship.

They reside in a different region, yet are still required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax to the US annually despite qualifying for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. So, if you’re not a US citizen but hope to acquire an American passport, bear this in mind.

Citizens of nations who pay higher taxes can benefit immensely from getting a second passport from a country where the tax is lower.

4. Visa-free travel

If you plan on getting more convenient access to several countries across the world, it’d make sense a lot of sense if you obtain a second passport that complements the one you own currently by adding more visa-free travel options.

If you’re not a native of Europe, getting a second passport from any EU country grants you access to live and work in 27 EU nations on the continent. On the other hand, if you’re from Europe, then getting citizenship from a region that grants you access to more opportunities away from home should be your goal.

5. The nation allows multiple citizenships

Now, this is a very important factor to consider when choosing the best second passport. While many countries permit their citizens to hold dual citizenship, some others don’t. Before you begin your second citizenship application, you should find out if your home country is fine with you obtaining multiple citizenships.

If the country permits you to do so, then it’s all well and good. However, if it doesn’t, then opt for obtaining residency abroad instead. This way, even if situations get uncomfortable in your home country, you will always have somewhere else to go and stay.

Also, if the passport you are applying for is much better than the one you own presently, then you can consider renouncing your citizenship to usher in the new one. Indeed, it is a very important personal decision to take, however, it just might be one that will benefit you and your generations for years to come.

6. The citizens’ obligations & requirements

In some countries, citizens are bound to complete certain obligations and requirements before they can retain their citizenship. For example, some nations expect all male citizens to undergo military service. In Israel, both male and female members of the nation are required to serve.

The military service requirement may have a timeframe of between a few weeks to several years as is the case in Singapore as well as Israel. If you have children in such countries, these obligations will be equally imposed on them if they inherit the citizenship.

We advise that you check if there are any such obligations like military service that you may need to complete once you become a citizen in a newly adopted nation. If you feel okay with these special requirements, then go ahead to obtain that foreign citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a second passport from another country?

You can get a second passport in five major ways.

  • A second passport can be gotten through ancestry where you prove your lineage to ancestors from the countries that allow it.
  • You can also get one through naturalization after obtaining residency and living in the country for a specified period.
  • You may also buy a second passport via citizenship by investment programs.
  • Through marriage, you may also get a second passport depending on the countries that allow it.
  • There are also special circumstances where a nation or the leader of a nation can grant citizenship to a foreigner based on several factors like their proficiency in sports, skills in arts, or heroic deeds.

How to apply for a second passport?

If you’re looking to know how to get a second passport, you should first check your nearest immigration office and confirm if citizens are allowed to hold a second passport. From there, you can take your next step by going directly to the consulate office of the country you’re aiming to apply to and begin the application process.

If you prefer a faster and more organized process of applying for a 2nd passport, then consulting a professional agent like Passport Legacy is recommended.

What is the cheapest second passport?

The cheapest way to get a second passport is through ancestry. Unfortunately, not everyone can trace an ancestor to a foreign nation, thus, the next low-cost option for acquiring a second passport is via naturalization.

However, you’ll have to spend a period of time in the country after gaining residency or marrying a citizen through this process. You might also be expected to learn the language and culture of the new country. If you cannot wait up to 5 years to get a second passport but can afford at least $108,500, then you should be able to buy an individual Dominica passport through citizenship by investment.

Working with Passport Legacy to Get a 2nd Passport

Once you’ve made up your mind to get a 2nd passport, don’t stress yourself by taking on the application process alone. Passport Legacy can help you ease through the A to Z of the entire procedure from advising you on the options available to presenting and handing you your new travel booklet.

They have several years of experience assisting top class, reputable individuals in multiplying their citizenship status. In fact, they’ve made the application process so easy to understand and they’ll work with you as you choose the country with the best second passport for you.

Step-by-Step Process Overview

A)         Pre-Application Background Check:

–           At the start of the process, you will need to submit the following documents:

o          Passport Copy;

o          Completed pre-screen questionnaire (which we will provide for you)

–           Once done receiving this information, they will be submitted to undergo a pre-application background check that takes between 24 – 48 hours.

B) Pre-Application Deposit and Client Agreement:

–           Provided the pre-screen background check is given the green light, we can formally initiate the process. Here, an invoice will be created and the pre-application deposit of $5,000 should be paid;

–           Next, there will be a Client Facilitator Agreement between the Primary Applicant and Passport Legacy DMCC which has to be signed.

C) Prepare and Submit Application:

–           The experienced agents at Passport Legacy will help you along each step of preparing your application, from collating all of the required files, to filling in the relevant application forms.

–           At the completion of the application and just before submission, the second payment (due diligence and application fees minus the pre-application deposit) should be made.

–           After payment above, your application will be sent to the relevant Citizenship by Investment Commission.

–           There, a full due diligence check is done and the government proceeds to process the citizenship application.

D) Approval and Final Payment:

–           The Government of the Commonwealth sends an approval letter within 90 days to inform you of your status as a Citizen of the country.

–           You can make the final payment (complete donation amount) as soon as your approval is confirmed.

–           The passport will be assigned and sent to us via courier after confirming a scan of the passport. The Citizenship certificates will be within the same package as well. As soon as we get the package, we will arrange a meet with you and give you the citizenship documents.

Note that you only have to pay 30% of the total cost of the program before you get approval. The remaining 70% can be paid once approval is confirmed.

Why Choose Passport Legacy

There are lots of reasons why you should pick Passport Legacy as the professional consultant to handle your second passport application. Some of these reasons are;

  • They’ll help you procure necessary documents, certifications, and even assist with language translations that clients would have otherwise found difficult to acquire if they had done it alone.
  • With Passport Legacy, you will enjoy a full professional service that includes smart due diligence checks to help ease the application process.
  • The Passport Legacy service rendered is completely in-house.
  • There are numerous real estate options you can pick from. Also, the Passport Legacy team will give you vital information concerning these potential assets so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • The fee structure at Passport Legacy is pleasing and attractive.
  • Expect to receive your second citizenship in due time as the Passport Legacy team boasts a 100% approval rate record.
  • Finally, you can pay 30% of the total cost for the CBI program you choose until you get your approval confirmation. Thereafter, you can pay up the remaining 70% balance as you get your approval.


The benefits of having a second passport are numerous. Aside from breaking free of the single hold your government has over you, you could also end up being a citizen of a country where the tax policies are super-friendly.

You can begin the process of getting your second citizenship today by contacting the Passport Legacy team. They have a successful track record of helping individuals of repute obtain travel documents fast and easy. Connect with Passport Legacy today and begin your journey to acquiring multiple citizenships.