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St Lucia

Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Program

St Lucia

A small, lush, Caribbean gem – Saint Lucia is among the newest countries to offer a citizenship by investment program. The country in itself is a tourist hotspot due to its warm tropical weather, mountainous terrain, pristine black sand beaches, and rustic atmosphere.

The citizenship by investment program offered by Saint Lucia is aimed at HNW individuals who are eager to equip themselves with a powerful second passport. Compared to some of its neighbours, a minimum investment of 100,000$ is enough to secure a citizenship in the country. One of the major advantages of acquiring a St. Lucia citizenship is that you are free from paying inheritance and property taxes. A St Lucia passport also allows its holder to travel visa-free to a total of 142 countries.

The benefits that come with a St Lucia citizenship can also be passed down to the investor’s dependents – including those who are physically challenged and above the age of 65. If you wish to apply for a St Lucia passport, contact Passport Legacy today! We can provide you all the necessary assistance and can help you navigate through the entire process.

St Lucia Investment Options

Real Estate = Applicant should invest a sum of 300,000 USD or more in a government-approved real estate development. The property should remain in the possession of the aspirant for a period of five years.

Donation to the NEF = The applicant should make a $100,000 (for a single applicant) non-refundable donation to St Lucia’s National Economic Fund. The fund has been setup to help improve the country’s infrastructure.

Key Benefits of a St Lucia Citizenship

  • Saint Lucia permits its citizens to hold Dual Citizenship
  • Gain visa-free access to more than 142 countries
  • Citizens are exempt from paying inheritance and capital gains tax


$ 100,000 Donation

Time To

3-6 Months


145 Countries