Top Countries that provide a Citizenship for Retirement

Top Countries that provide a Citizenship for Retirement

Let’s talk about your retirement objectives.  

A retirement visa is an ideal way for many people to accomplish their dream. People choose to retire in another country for a variety of reasons. A foreign country may provide a better climate, a lower cost of living (valuable for those with limited retirement funds), or they may have fallen in love with it after visiting it.  

Retiring in another country can be an interesting experience, but it is not for everyone. Even so, it could be the best thing you can do in your golden years. Retirement abroad allows you to broaden your horizons and increase the size of your retirement savings. And if these things appeal to you, this could be the ideal retirement scenario.  

Retiring to a new country with a pleasant climate, the ocean and shorelines, hills, and mountains, as well as other attractions provides many opportunities for this.  

In this article, we will evaluate the countries that provide retirement visas and highlight the best of them. Don’t worry if your ideal location doesn’t even have a retiree residence permit; there are plenty of other options.  


Portugal is a country steeped in history, heritage, and appetizing cuisine. Residents enjoy a pleasant climate, a safe environment, sandy beaches, sweeping bays, crystal-clear waters, and inviting suburbs. The country is well-known for its splendid churches and historical landmarks; it is suitable for exploration, with its terraced vineyards and charming villages perfect for passing time.   

Portugal has been very flexible and approachable when conducting financial due diligence on golden visa applicants. Because the country allows dual citizenship, an applicant can apply for Portuguese nationality after five years of residence.   

Portuguese passport bearer is entitled to travel to 185 countries worldwide and freedom of travel within the European Union.  

You can acquire a golden visa by transferring at least one million euros to a bank account that is approved.   

Invest in property ranging from 280,000 euros for restoration work to more than 400,000 euros in low-density areas.  

If you choose the capital investment path, you can contribute 350,000 euros to research, 250,000 euros to art projects, or at least 350,000 euros to a specific investment venture capital fund. Invest 350,000 euros in a Portuguese company that will generate five permanent jobs over three years.⁠  

Antigua & Barbuda   

Antigua and Barbuda is an Eastern Caribbean Commonwealth country. A tropical rainforest island that is a welcoming paradise with clear, aquamarine water coastlines and is regarded as one of the most magnificent places on the planet.   

Antigua and Barbuda acknowledge dual citizenship, which can be advantageous for capital investments and tax relief. Contribute USD 100,000 to the Antigua National Development Fund or invest USD 1.5 million in a business or USD 400,000 in a government-approved real estate project to obtain citizenship.   


Dominica is a Caribbean and North Atlantic Ocean Island country situated in the middle of the Caribbean Sea among Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. This pristine Caribbean wonderland is unquestionably popular, but Dominica is more than meets the eye.   

Dominica and its neighbour St Kitts and Nevis offer citizenship by investment options that are both relatively inexpensive for high–net–worth individuals and come with a variety of benefits. Both countries also provide accessibility to the world’s major leisure and business destinations.  

An investment of $150,000 to $200,000, plus fees, can provide an individual and their family with a secure future in these countries. Individuals are not permitted to submit requests to the Citizenship by Investment Unit directly. Instead, authorized agents represent them for a fee. The agent assists in the preparation of documentation and the completion of all forms correctly.  


Montenegro is a country in Southern Europe located in the central Mediterranean. It is known for its unparalleled natural beauty, found in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula.   

While the coast may entice you to take a trip, Montenegro allows you to discover a land rich in culture, cultural legacy, and natural wonders. These are the things that make Montenegrin moments, and there is plenty of wilderness to explore. There is pristine nature here and people who live in harmony and a simple way of life.   

An applicant has required a minimum financial of Euro 350,000 real estate investment of Euro 250,000 and a donation of Euro 100,000 to the country.    


Malta is an archipelago situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and the coast of North Africa. A great tourist destination with clear skies, gentle temperature, and golden sands just enough to lure anyone. Malta offers a wide array of culinary delights from the Mediterranean influence. Malta has a fantastic reputation for its magnificent climate, friendly people, peaceful environment, and decent quality of life.  

Malta is one of Europe’s most innovative countries, with a preferential tax environment. While it also provides residence, the main attraction is its Citizenship by Investment program. Applicants for citizenship should physically reside in the country for at least 12 months. Malta asserts that its due diligence is the most stringent in the world, requiring a review of the investor’s entire portfolio. As a result, those who succeed enjoy the highest level of respectability throughout the world.  

Investment: Euro 738,000 (or Euro 888,000 by exception) depending on the residence status length (36 or 12 months, respectively)  

The number of countries offering retiree immigration programs continues to expand. There are options for every budget, interest, and lifestyle.  You must exemplify that you can support yourself during your residency. Income levels, sources of income, and proof vary between countries. With Passport Legacy as your advisor, you can get closer to your excellent retirement location. We believe you deserve to enjoy what you have worked so hard for your entire life.


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