Minimum Investment by Donation

EUR 600,000

Minimum Investment by Real Estate

EUR 700,000

Time to Citizenship

12-24 months

Visa - free Access

184 countries
Malta passport


EURO 600,000





About Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Malta is the smallest EU state famous for its Mediterranean joie de vivre lifestyle. The island is famous for its natural beauty, architectural gems and sits between Sicily and the North African coast. The Individual Investor Program formed by the Maltese government is the easiest way to obtain a second passport in Malta.

  • The capital of the country is Valletta
  • The currency is Euro
  • Current population as of 2020 (World Bank): 525, 285

The Maltese Citizenship by Investment Program also known as Malta Citizenship for Exceptional services by direct investment was launched in 2016 and has generated much interest from foreign investors

The residency program requires applicants to give at least EUR 600,000 as a government contribution and a qualifying investment of real estate valued starting from EUR 700,000.

Malta CBI program allows the holder to travel visa-free and visa-on-arrival to a total of 184 countries including Europe and the United States of America.

Dual Citizenship

Malta citizens do not need to renounce their current citizenship.

2 1 | Citizenship by investment

Malta has one of the lowest taxation rates in Europe no inheritance tax, no foreign income tax, and withholding tax on interest earned.

1 1 | Citizenship by investment

Visa-free access to 184 countries.

Future Generation

Your family members, spouse, parents, and children can be qualified dependents for citizenship.

European Union

Right to Establishment, i.e. holders acquire the ability to immigrate to all EU countries

Program Requirements:

11 | Citizenship by investment

To qualify for passport investment, applicants may choose from one of two options:

9 1 | Citizenship by investment

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