Vanuatu Citizenship by investment Programme

Vanuatu, a South Pacific archipelago comprising over 80 islands, is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, unspoiled beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Launched in 2017, Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, the only one of its kind in the South Pacific, is one of the quickest ways to acquire a second citizenship through investment.

Minimum Investment by Donation
USD 130,000

Time to Citizenship
2 to 3 months

Visa - free Access
112 countries

About Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a South Pacific island nation that comprises over 80 islands with stunning natural landscapes, including volcanic origins, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and lush tropical rainforests. The country has a unique cultural heritage that reflects its diverse history, with a rich indigenous culture and a vibrant contemporary culture. Vanuatu has a stable political climate, and its economy is driven by tourism and agriculture. The country is committed to sustainable development, investing in renewable energy and eco-tourism initiatives.

A Vanuatu passport offers numerous benefits, including increased global mobility with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 100 countries, greater personal and financial security, as well as the opportunity to establish residency in a politically stable, tax-friendly jurisdiction that upholds the principles of privacy and asset protection.

  • The capital of the country is Port Vila
  • The currency is Vanuatu Vatu
  • The current population as of 2021: 307,510


To obtain citizenship in Vanuatu, applicants can make a minimum donation of USD 130,000 to a local development fund. Applicants can secure their passports within 2-3 months, granting visa-free access to over 100 countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong.


Time to citizenship

Become a Vanuatu citizen in just 2-3 months.

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Vanuatu has no taxes on income, wealth, or inheritance.

19 | Citizenship by investment

There is no need to reside in the country during the citizenship process.

Visa-free travel

Enjoy visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel across 112 countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong.

5 1 | Citizenship by investment

Vanuatu places no restrictions on dual citizenship.

Programme Requirements:

To qualify for economic Citizenship by Investment, applicants must:

Application process

The application process is straightforward, and it may take up to 3 months between initiating the process and receiving the citizenship documents. The application process can be divided into the following stages:


Assessment & Onboarding

  • Consult with Passport Legacy’s client advisors. 
  • Passport Legacy’s due diligence check is conducted.


Application Submission

  • Client is onboarded and retainer fees are paid.
  • Documents are prepared and application for Vanuatu is submitted to the Financial Intelligence Unit.
  • Application is approved in principle.


Document & Application Processing

  • Further documents are collected and prepared for submission, including the second payment.
  • Application is approved.


Approval & Passport Handover

  • Government contribution is paid.
  • Passport of Vanuatu is issued.
  • Passport is handed over to client by Passport Legacy’s advisors. 

Legal Basis

The Vanuatu Citizenship Commission issues citizenship to people under the Vanuatu Development Support Program based on the Citizenship Act [CAP 112].

frequently asked questions

Since November 2022, the council of the European Union has decided to suspend the visa-waiver agreement with Vanuatu fully. This decision will be fully effective on 4 February 2023. This means that Vanuatu passport holders must apply for a visa to enter any country under the European Union. Vanuatuans can still travel visa-free to the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore using their Vanuatu passport.

The Vanuatu citizenship application typically takes 2-3 months to be processed from when the proper documents are submitted to the Vanuatuan Government. Our team of highly knowledgeable client advisors and efficient processing officers will assist all applicants through the entire process.

Yes, family members of the principal applicant can be included in the Vanuatu citizenship application. Investors may include spouses and children below the age of 25. There is no educational requirement, and parents can also be added to the application.

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