Grenada Citizenship By Investment Programme​

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme is one of the most robust Caribbean immigration investment programmes, designed to drive the country’s development through foreign investment. Unique among Caribbean countries, Grenada holds the E-2 visa treaty with the US, enabling citizens to apply for a non-immigrant visa and reside there.

Minimum Investment by Donation
USD 150,000

Minimum Investment In Real Estate
USD 220,000

Time to Citizenship
4-6 months

Visa - free Access
143 countries

About Grenada

Grenada is a beautiful island nation located in the southeastern Caribbean that offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. The country is known for its lush tropical rainforests, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters, which provide a perfect backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking, diving, and snorkelling.

As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and a parliamentary democracy, Grenada enjoys a stable political environment and a thriving economy that is driven by agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. The country is famous for its production of nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices, which are exported worldwide. In addition to its natural beauty and economic stability, Grenada also boasts a rich cultural heritage, with a vibrant music scene, colourful festivals, and an intriguing history that dates back to the indigenous Carib and Arawak peoples. The country is ideal for those seeking a secondary passport as it offers a quick and efficient Citizenship by Investment Programme.

  • The capital of the country is St. George’s
  • The currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar
  • Current population as of 2021: 112,519

Grenada Citizenship By Investment

To obtain citizenship in Grenada, applicants can either make a minimum donation of USD 150,000 to the National Transformation Fund or invest a minimum of USD 220,000 in an approved real estate project. The required investment amount for the NTF will increase with the number of dependants during the time of application. The applicant is free to sell the acquired property after five years.

BENEFITS of Grenada Citizenship By Investment


A single applicant can apply for his/her family members as dependants, including the main applicant's spouse, children (biological or adopted) under 30 years of age, dependant parents, and siblings above the age of 18.


A gateway to acquire a US E-2 Treaty Visa - The only Caribbean Citizenship program that offers it.


Access to the largest offshore Medical University, St. George's University, of the United States of America in Grenada.


Grenada offers exemption from taxation on capital gains, inheritance, wealth, gifts, or foreign income.


Citizenship is passed onto all future generations; newborn children and a newly married wife can be added for free.


Applicants do not need to be in Grenada during the time of application.


Grenada passport holders can hold dual citizenship.

Visa-free travel

Grenadian citizens can travel visa-free and visa-on-arrival to a total of 143 countries.

Programme Requirements:

To qualify for economic citizenship by investment, applicants may choose from one of the two options:

Application process

The application process is straightforward, and it may take up to 6 months between initiating the process and receiving the residency documents. The application process can be divided into the following stages:


Assessment & Onboarding

  • Consult with Passport Legacy’s client advisors. 
  • Passport Legacy’s due diligence check is conducted.


Application Submission

  • Client is onboarded and retainer fees are paid.
  • Documents are prepared and application for Grenada is submitted.


Document & Application Processing

  • Application is processed.
  • Government pre-approval is received.
  • Investment requirements are fulfilled.


Approval & Passport Handover

  • Application is approved. 
  • Passport of Grenada is issued in 4-6 months.
  • Passport is handed over to client by Passport Legacy’s advisors.

Real Estate

Discover everything you need to know about purchasing premium real estate in Grenada. Please see our government-approved listings that qualify you for the Grenada Citizenship By Investment Programme.


Minimum Real Estate Investment:

USD 220,000


ROI or Rental Income Opportunity:

Approximately between 2-4%


Ownership Type:

Title Deed or Share Certificate


Minimum Real Estate Holding Period:

5 years

Legal Basis

The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme is regulated by Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Act 15, 2013. This law has been effectively documented and published. It is part of the Grenada legal system and approved by the national parliament. Any individual may apply for naturalisation and be eligible for Citizenship if the Government is satisfied that such a person has invested significantly in Grenada and passed Due Diligence successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Properties acquired through the Grenada citizenship by investment program must be kept for at least five (5) years before being sold. However, lifestyle investors can immediately resell their properties.

Yes. The second purchaser of your property is qualified to apply for Grenadian citizenship, provided the first purchaser waits for five (5) years from the grant of their citizenship before selling the property. This benefit is only available to buyers who purchase an apartment worth at least USD 220,000 in a Government-approved real estate resort.

Once the Government-approved apartment has been purchased or the final contribution amount is paid and received by the Government of Grenada, it will take approximately 5-6 weeks for the Citizenship Certificate and passport to be issued.

Grenada’s public education is open for children up to the age of 16. Furthermore, St. George’s University is internationally accredited and widely regarded as the world’s finest US-run medical university outside of the US.  St. Georges University has the greatest amount of licensed physicians in the United States per the 2108 FSMB Survey, with 10,791 licensed physicians. It has colleges of medicine, veterinary science, and arts and science schools. St. George’s Medical School graduates are typically well-positioned to practice at top hospitals in the United States and the United Kingdom.

All Grenadian citizens receive a 90% Grenada Partnership Award, which means they only pay 10% of tuition fees for undergraduate programmes, including pre-medical and pre-veterinary courses. This applies to any Grenadian citizen who has been a resident in Grenada for at least one (1) year before registering in an undergraduate programme.

To date, the Grenadian passport is one of the few in the world that allows visa-free travel to the United Kingdom (180 days), the Schengen Area countries (90 days), and Mainland China (30 days). Grenada is the only Caribbean nation that ensures qualified applicants are entitled to apply for a USA E-2 Treaty visa, allowing the investor and family members to establish a company and lawfully reside in the United States of America.

The list is evolving as Grenada continues to forge and strengthen new diplomatic relations.

In Grenada, citizenship can be passed on from generation to generation. The principal applicant, upon acquiring citizenship, can apply for citizenship for children, including minors. Second-generation citizens may also apply for citizenship for their children, allowing the principal applicant’s grandchild to be a Grenadian citizen, and so on.

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