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Access the world’s leading residence and citizenship by investment programmes and unlock a world of possibilities with a powerful second

Founder of Passport Legacy

Jeffrey Henseler

Jeffrey Henseler is the Founder of Passport Legacy and Managing Partner of its UAE head office. Passionate about residence and citizenship by investment, Jeffrey left his studies to gain on-the-ground experience in the industry. He founded Passport Legacy in 2018, offering tailored professional services to clients globally.

Having worked in Zurich, Cape Town, and Dubai, Jeffrey has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of residence and citizenp by investment, which has enabled him to establish the company as a leading provider of bespoke residence and citizenship by investment solutions. 

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Jeffrey Henseler

Client Advisory Team

Our Client Advisory Team serves as a dedicated resource, offering personalized guidance and strategic insights to clients, ensuring tailored solutions that align with their objectives and maximize value.

Legal Team

With a keen understanding of both local and international laws and regulations, our legal experts collaborate closely with internal stakeholders to navigate complex legal landscapes, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities. By staying abreast of evolving legal frameworks and industry trends, we proactively identify potential challenges and devise innovative solutions to safeguard our company’s interests and foster sustainable growth.

Through meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to our company’s values, we strive to ensure that all business activities are conducted in accordance with the highest legal standards, promoting trust and confidence among our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Kosha Patel


Finance Team

Comprised of skilled professionals, our financial team is dedicated to optimizing resources, mitigating risks, and driving financial performance to support the overall success and stability of our company.


Tanaka Dzimiri

Head of Finance


Lineke De Ridder



Jane Doe

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Jhon Doe

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Processing Team

The Processing Team is a vital component of our operations, handling tasks with efficiency and accuracy to ensure seamless workflow and timely delivery of services. Committed to quality and attention to detail, our team employs streamlined processes to optimize productivity and meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders.

Dierene Almeida

Senior Processing Officer

Feha Andalib

Processing Officer

Rahul Bishnoi

Processing Officer

Harold Bautista

Processing Officer

Alvin Alonzo

Processing Officer

Jackilyn Tullo

Processing Officer

Elaine Okpalla

Office Manager

Marketing Team

Jane Doe

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Jane Doe

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Mauris a diam maecenas sed enim ut sem viverra iquet eget sit amet

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