Goodwill Mozambique

GoodWill Mozambique is a vulnerable children’s home located in the city of Vilanculos and houses 50 children between the ages of 7 and 18.

About Us

The Goodwill Orphanage in Vilankulos, Mozambique has been making great strides in ensuring the safety, education and well-being of orphaned children across the region. Passport Legacy is committed to not only the restoration of the orphanage but also the continued provision of food, housing and educational materials through charitable financial donations made by our founder, Jeffrey Henseler. In this way, we ensure that the children living at the orphanage receive the best possible care and are ready to lead healthy and proactive lives.

Our Pride

We are the proud sponsors of a football team in Vilankulos, Mozambique. These future legends of the game are already making waves in the local tournament scene, and we could not be more excited to see where their talents take them. By empowering the youth, we enable them to focus on a life of dedication and well- being.

Our Children​

The Goodwill Orphanage in Vilankulos, Mozambique aims to provide shelter, food and access to education to orphaned children in the region. Through the help of tireless volunteers and donations made through Passport Legacy, they hope to create a haven that generates future leaders of both country and industry.

Our Hope

Current world statistical data places the number of orphaned children in Mozambique to well over 1.8 million. This number will only continue to rise if nothing is done about this issue. Our hope is that these children may be given the means to build a sustainable and worthwhile future for themselves and their families.

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Orphaned Children

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GoodWill Mozambique will soon be ready for volunteers, find out more about our available packages.

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