Citizenship by investment Programme

Turkey, a strategically positioned transcontinental country, is bordered by three seas and offers excellent transport links, facilitating connectivity with key markets. Launched in 2018, the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme focuses on attracting real estate investments into the country.

Minimum Investment In Real Estate

USD 400,000

Minimum Capital Investment

USD 500,000

Time to Citizenship

4-6 months

Visa - Free Access

110 countries

Costs of Turkey Citizenship

Applicants need to invest in one or more properties in Turkey in order to qualify for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program.

There are three stages of the Citizenship by Investment Program, which are:

1) Purchase of real estate
2) Acquiring a residence permit
3) Receiving the passport

Stage 1: – Purchase of Real Estate

Foreign individuals who fulfil the conditions set forth by the government need to invest a minimum amount in one or more properties in Turkey in order to apply for Turkish citizenship. However, there are other costs involved in the process as well.

Minimum required investment:

USD 400,000

Official Transfer, Utility connection and Stamp fee:

USD 800

Land Registry fee:

2 % of the purchase price

Property Valuation Report:

USD 350

Stage 2: Acquiring a residence permit

The investor will receive the title deed upon the completion of the real estate transaction. A ‘Certificate of Conformity’ will be prepared by the Land Registry Office. This certifies that the investment complies with the law and fulfils all the necessary requirements. Once done, the investor can apply for a residence permit. The investor can renew the permit until the completion of the citizenship process.

Visa fee per person:

USD 100 (approx.)

Insurance per person (for adults only):

USD 50 (approx.)

Residence Permit Fee per person:

USD 20 (approx.)

Minimum Investment:

USD 175,000

Stage 3: Receiving passports

Once the residence permit is received, the investor and his family can apply for citizenship. This must be done at the Civil Registration and Nationality office.

Application fee:

USD 276

The only other costs you will incur are our professional fees, official application forms, certification of citizenship and passport, courier & other disbursements. Please enquire for a full itemized quotation, including all expenses.

Let’s make your dream of traveling visa-free a reality!