Minimum Investment by Donation

USD 100,000

Minimum Investment by Real Estate

USD 200,000

Time to Citizenship

4-6 months

Visa - free Access

143 countries


Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Program

Dominica passport


USD 100,000




dominica citizenship by investment

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Since 1993, The Commonwealth of Dominica, one of the oldest running CBI programs in the world, is proven to be a popular choice due to the country being one of the safest countries in the world.  Dominica is an island country located in the northernmost of the Windwards Islands. The country is famous for its tropical rainforest and natural hot springs. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is home to the Boiling Lake, a volcanically heated, steam-covered lake that attracts the most tourist the whole year round.

  • The capital of the country is Roseau
  • The currency is Eastern Caribbean dollar
  • Current population as of 2020 (according to World Bank): 71,991

Investment Options in Dominica

Termed as the Citizenship Act, the government can grant Dominica citizenship and a second passport to individuals who meet a certain set of rules and policy guidelines and requirements.

To invest in Dominican citizenship, the applicant must make a minimum donation of USD 100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or make an investment of USD 200,000 through government-approved real estate properties.

Future Generation

A single applicant can apply for his/her family members as dependents for example spouse of the main applicant, children (biological or adopted) under 30 years of age, and parents any age.


Dominica citizens are eligible to receive the same Commonwealth privileges as UK citizens.

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Dominica offers exemption from paying capital gains, inheritance tax, wealth, gifts, or foreign income.

Dual Citizenship

Dominica passport holders can hold dual citizenship.

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Process takes from 4 to 6 months.

Program Requirements:

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To qualify for passport investment, applicants may choose from one of two options:

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