After an initial consultation, the Applicant must pass our internal Compliance checks, in order to be pre-qualified and ensure approval. After clearance and retainer payment, our experts will then provide a detailed checklist and personalized for all the required documentation.

On the CBI programs offered by Passport Legacy, only 30% of the amount is paid upfront, while 70% is paid on approval.

The minimum investment for a single applicant is of $109,500 for Dominica. Please contact us for a quote.

Applicants will have to provide us the initial set of documents for KYC (“Know Your Customer”) such as a current Passport(s) copy, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Police certificate(s), Bank references, Health clearance etc. Please note some documents require Apostille or Legalizations. We will guide and advise you through all steps.

Citizenship-by-Investment (“CBI”) schemes offer nationality, and consequently a passport, to Investors who make a donation to the Government or who buy qualified real-estate. The concept of CBI was first born in St. Kitts and Nevis in 1984.

Citizenship programs usually take between 3 and 6 months. Vanuatu is currently the fastest program in terms of processing times (average only 1,5 months).

Yes, you can add qualifying family members in one application. There are additional costs for adding more family members.

Please contact us by phone or email anytime. We have offices in the UAE (Dubai), Nigeria, Lebanon, and Pakistan and soon as well in Europe.

Golden visas are Residence-by-Investment (“RBI”) schemes that offer residency to applicants who complete eligible investments (mostly in real estate). Some of these schemes also provide a path to citizenship through naturalization. Prices start from €250,000 in Greece and from €280,000 in Portugal.