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Must know short terms in Investment Migration

Must know short terms in Investment Migration

It is very important for prospective clients who are interested in any citizenship and residence planning to clearly understand the short abbreviations frequently used in the investment migration industry.
These short terms are widely used by Governments, news sites, law firms, real estate developers etc. A clear understanding of terms will avoid any confusions and will help to communicate clearly.

Citizenship by Investment

CBI – Citizenship by Investment
CIP – Citizenship by Investment Program
CIU – Citizenship by Investment Unit
DCBIP – Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program
IIP – Individual Investor Program of Malta
MIIPA – Malta Individual Investor Program Agency
MCBI – Moldova Citizenship by Investment
TCBI – Turkey Citizenship by Investment
SKN – Saint Kitts and Nevis
ECP – Economic Citizenship Programs
CRBI – Citizenship and Residence by Investment
RCBI – Residence and Citizenship by Investment
IM – Investment Migration
DD – Due Diligence
PEP – Politically Exposed Person
HNWI – High Net worth Individual (above $1m) according to Wikipedia
UHNWI – Ultra High Net Worth Individual (above $30m) according to Wikipedia

Golden Visas

GV – Golden Visa
RBI – Residence by Investment
IIP – Immigrant Investor Program
QIIP – Quebec Immigrant Investor Program
PGV – Portugal Golden Visa
TCN – Third Country National

RP – Residence permit
TRP – Temporary Residence Permit
PRP – Permanent Residence Permit
PR – Permanent Resident
EDD – Enhanced Due Diligence
IV – Investor Visas

ILR – Indefinite Leave to Remain (UK)
EB5 – Employment based fifth preference (United States)
SIV – Significant Investor Visa (SIV)
E2 – Non-immigrant Treaty Investor Visa (United States)