Pandemic leads to surge in demand for Vanuatu Citizenship


The COVID – 19 Pandemic left the world in utter astonishment and for some complete despair. The pandemic created a catastrophe, impacting everyone’s life. It made millions of people vulnerable. People lost their jobs and their life-saving. Global shutdowns and economic crises brought about huge losses. Whether it be business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, everything got cripplingly devastated. The effects are still prevalent and yet many countries are struggling to come up with betterment in their healthcare conditions.

To have a better place of refuge in challenging times and to maintain a better lifestyle and prosper, second citizenship can be a very useful solution. But these are not the only benefits of having a second citizenship. Here’s how it can improve and provide a better future for you and your family:

• Visa-Free Travel: Holding a secondary passport can unlock the doors of visa-free traveling to a wide range of countries. A passport from a European country can enable you to travel freely to more than 135 countries.

• Better Quality Education: Getting European citizenship enables you and your family members to get better and quality education. Working and living anywhere in Europe would also be easy and convenient.

• Enhance your business: Citizenship by investment can enable you to travel across many countries and second citizenship can make it very easy for you to work freely without giving extra tax. This would ease the path of trading and carrying out business with greater opportunities, approaches, and benefits.

• Best Plan B: Second citizenship can assure your security and safety along with your family members at times of difficulties. It offers you a great opportunity to migrate to another country when you need to.

For all these benefits and the need for refuge created by the pandemic majorly, there has been a great demand for Vanuatu Citizenship. Vanuatu investment by citizenship scheme has been there for more than 6 years and many people including high-net-worth individuals from across the world have chosen it as their second option. For a single applicant, a minimum investment of USD152,300 will be needed to obtain Vanuatu citizenship. Thus, this program is cost-effective and therefore has been popular among people around the globe. It has connected many people and attracted investors to safe and secure options of living. It has provided the antidote to many people for their difficulties. But during the pandemic, a rapid surge in the demands for Vanuatu citizenship was witnessed.

All the years before the pandemic, the Vanuatu citizenship scheme saw average growth, but it tripled during the pandemic touching the pinnacle of growth. The number of applicants went from 445 to 1182 which was a good upswing. Even when everything was at a halt because of the pandemic, the Vanuatu Government took this matter seriously and worked hard to provide solutions for the people. With constant efforts of the government for this program, and a good rise in the demands, the official counts of applications in the years 2020 and 2021 is expected to be very high for obvious reasons. Vanuatu’s Ministry of Finance shared the amount of foreign direct investment brought in by the citizenship by investment program which clearly shows a 30% rise.

Some of the major features of Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program that has aired its demand are as follows:

• Remote Processing: This feature allows people to go with the processes from anywhere around the world, without physically going to offices and different government institutions. Applicants can complete the application and send it to the nation without traveling to the country.

The government has also provided a virtual oath ceremony instead of physically taking the oath in an embassy.

• Simple requirements: For those with a rejected visa in the past, Vanuatu is the best option because it does not require complex documentation.

• Accepting multiple currencies: It allows crypto investors to make payments in cryptocurrencies and the agents pay flat currency to the government. It accepts AUD, NZD, JPY apart from USD.

Thus, we see that Vanuatu has a flexible framework, simple and frugal payment structure, and unique requirements which allows people to see it as the best option available. This makes it more in demand and convenient. If you are looking to learn more about Vanuatu Investment, contact Passport Legacy for a confidential consultation and get started on the process at the earliest.