Residence Programme

Switzerland is globally renowned for its exceptional quality of life, owing to its remarkable political and economic stability, pristine environment, efficient public services, and advantageous tax rates. It presents an outstanding option for those seeking both residential and business opportunities. The Swiss Residence Programme offers a gateway to 26 cantons of the country for foreign nationals.

Minimum Investment

CHF 250,000 / year

Time to Residency

3-6 months

Visa - free Access

Schengen Countries


Eligible candidates can qualify for Switzerland’s Residence Programme by making a commitment to paying an annual lump sum tax amount of at least CHF 250,000 per year. The exact value of the payment can vary depending on the applicant’s profile and Canton of residence.

  1. Lump-sum tax to be paid on a yearly basis: 250,000 CHF – 1,000,000 CHF*

*The yearly lump-sum tax vary depending on the canton in which you reside. Each canton sets its own tax rate and has its own application procedures, as well as its own requirements for eligibility. In addition to the tax rate, some cantons require the applicant to pay a lump-sum fee in order to participate in the regime. This fee can range from a few thousand Swiss francs to tens of thousands of Swiss francs per year.

Documents and residence cards: 200 CHF per person

To be paid to process the application and apply for the lump-sum tax regime: 50,000 CHF

Let’s make your dream of traveling visa-free a reality!