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Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

Enjoy visa-free travel to over 147 countries with your Saint Lucia passport when you invest USD 100,000 by making a donation to the government or through a real estate investment of USD 200,000 in government-approved real estate projects.

Fast Remote Processing. Travel worldwide for business or pleasure, including the EU & UK, with your Saint Lucia passport.

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Become a Saint Lucia citizen starting
from USD 100,000

The most affordable citizenship program.

The Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program or simply known as Saint Lucia CIP was launched in 2016 and is the most populous CBI country in all of the Caribbean.

Investors can become Saint Lucia citizens by either making a non-refundable investment of USD 100,000 to the National Economic Fund or by investing USD 200,000  in government-approved real estate projects.

Visa free travel


Enjoy visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to over 147 countries including Europe’s Schengen Area, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and many others.


Most affordable second passport

Alternative citizenship from just $ 100,000 with a quick and straightforward application process allowing applicants to obtain their passports in 120 days.

Applicable for family

ideal for families

Saint Lucian citizenship can be passed on to all future generations and newborn children can be added.

No stay requirements

No residence requirements

No physical residency is required with an option to obtain a Saint Lucia passport

Tax relief

Attractive tax regime

Saint Lucia imposes minimal taxation, with an exception of no taxation on wealth, gifts, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gain.

Dual citizenship

dual citizenship

Obtaining citizenship in St Lucia does not require you to renounce your current citizenship.

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25 years of experience


Our team of experts has a combined experience of over 100 years in the residence and citizenship by investment industry.

Passport Legacy


We have successfully processed applications for thousands of families and individuals from around the globe with an approval rate of 99.9%.

a to z serivce

lifetime support

After acquiring their residence or citizenship, we support our clients throughout their lives with various additional services.

Authorized Governemt Agent | Citizenship by investment

industry relationships

As authorized agents, we liaise directly with the Saint Lucia government, expediting the application process.

Worldwide network

worldwide network

With offices in six locations, we are ready to serve you in Dubai, Singapore, Beirut, Lagos, Abuja & Lahore.

Dedication and Discretion

dedication & discretion

We are dedicated to offering 24/7 support to our clients around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Citizenship by Investment program is offered by a nation’s government and is commonly called economic citizenship or CIP. By making an investment in an approved real estate project or a donation, the investor may be eligible for citizenship in that country. This citizenship provides flexibility, mobility, and security. By obtaining a second citizenship, the investor and his/her family have more options and freedom to travel.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Act No 14 of 2015 enables individuals to obtain citizenship of St Lucia by registration following a qualified investment. 

We accept direct cryptocurrency payments for the application and processing fees. However, the principal investment for Saintt Lucia Citizenship is payable to the Saint Lucian Citizenship by Investment Unit. These funds will need to be paid in USD. For more details on how Passport Legacy can assist you with cryptocurrency payments, please contact us.

The primary applicant can include the following family members in their application: Spouse, children up to the age of 30 and dependent on the principal applicant, dependent parents who are above 55 years of age and siblings up to the age of 18.  

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Why can't investors apply directly to the Saint Lucia government?

The Saint Lucia law prohibits investors from applying for citizenship by investment on their own.
The applicant must contact a licensed agent to assist with their application.
The licensed agent is a consulting company that assists applicants at every stage of obtaining their residence or citizenship.

Passport Legacy is a licensed agent for the Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program.

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