Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Holders of a Turkish passport can travel to 110 destinations without a visa or obtain a visa upon arrival, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar, and South Korea.

Turkish citizenship also offers a relatively simple and cost-effective way to live in the United States through the E-2 Investor Visa program. 

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Become a Turkey citizen starting from USD 400,000

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The Turkey Citizenship by Investment program was created by the government in 2018 and allows individuals to obtain citizenship through real estate investments. The application process for this program is straightforward and investors can generate rental income from their property or sell it after the required holding period of three years.

To qualify for this program, applicants must be at least 18 years old, in good health, and have a clean criminal record.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Visa free travel


Enjoy visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to over 110 countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Brazil.


E-2 Investor Visa

As a Turkish citizen, you are eligible to apply for an E-2 investor visa to the United States.

Applicable for family

ideal for families

Full citizenship will be granted to the main applicant, spouse, and children (biological or adopted) under 18 years of age.

Tax relief

tax relief

Turkey has a favorable tax system for foreign investors, as it does not impose taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, gifts, wealth, or inheritance.

Return on investment


Investors can benefit from rental income and have the option to sell their property after a holding period of three years.

Dual citizenship

dual citizenship

Obtaining citizenship in Turkey does not require you to give up your current citizenship.

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a to z serivce

lifetime support

After acquiring their residence or citizenship, we support our clients throughout their lives with various additional services.

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worldwide network

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Citizenship by Investment program is offered by a nation’s government and is commonly called economic citizenship or CIP. By making an investment in an approved real estate project or a donation, the investor may be eligible for citizenship in that country. This citizenship provides flexibility, mobility, and security. By obtaining a second citizenship, the investor and his/her family have more options and freedom to travel.

After acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment, you will have the same rights as any Turkish citizen, and therefore, you will be able to work in Turkey without needing a work permit.

After purchasing and receiving title deeds of property in your name, as a landowner, you will acquire the same rights as other Turkish property owners. Under the Turkish citizenship by investment program, you cannot sell the property for three (3) years; however, after that, you have the freedom to hold or sell the property with no restrictions.

Citizens of any country can apply for Turkish citizenship by investment as long as they have the financial means to invest. The minimum investment for Turkish citizenship by investment program is USD 400,000. 

Approved Real Estate Projects in Turkey

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