Daniel Duric: UAE is the Most Secure Country in the World

Covid, politics and other factors have recently driven increased demand for migration worldwide, especially among high-skilled talents and wealthy individuals. 

Currently, UAE is one of the top residency destinations for Asian immigrant investors due to its latest policy on entry and residence for foreigners. According to Daniel Duric, a managing director at Passport Legacy, its 10-year golden visa for real estate investments has significantly boosted confidence. 

«The UAE is with no doubt the most secure country in the world,» Duric said in a conversation with

Market Leaders

Other market leaders by popularity amongst Asians include Portugal, Greece and the US.

By investment amount received via residency programs, Portugal tops the list with a total of 6.54 billion euros ($6.82 billion), mostly invested into real estate in the last nine years, according to government data. Greece also boasts 2.6 billion euros in investments since launching its Golden Residence program in 2013.

Singapore Expansion

Passport Legacy is a Swiss boutique advisory firm headquartered in Dubai alongside offices in Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Singapore – its sixth and latest office opened in October this year. 

Within Asia, the firm is focused on serving clients mostly from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand. 

Duric, who has been tasked with Passport Legacy’s expansion in Singapore, has experience in private banking in Southeast Asia as well as from advising families in the Middle East and India for alternative residences and citizenships.

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