Jeffrey Henseler, Founder Of Passport Legacy: Realizing Dreams Through Investment Migration

In a world of opportunity on one hand and socio-economic uncertainty on the other, investment migration is becoming a popular choice for individuals seeking security, peace of mind, and a return on investment. The concept, which involves a country offering citizenship in exchange for investment, was conceived in the 1980s by the Caribbean island country of Saint Kitts and Nevis and has since been embraced by nations worldwide. Recognizing the potential of investment migration to truly transform lives, Swiss entrepreneur, Jeffrey Henseler founded Passport Legacy and Property Legacy – businesses that empower people to build the lives they dreamed of.

The motivating factors behind investment migration are as varied as the people who choose it. “There are so many individual goals, and everybody will be able to choose a specific program based on their needs,” says Henseler. The founder-CEO offers a range of examples: A Syrian family may be content living in Dubai but needs to apply for Schengen visas three months in advance to travel to Europe. Or parents may want to offer their children the best education and allow them to study abroad in the UK. Investment migration also allows people with business interests in various countries to travel more freely.

Whatever the individual motive or circumstance, Passport Legacy has been focusing exclusively on helping individuals obtain residency or citizenship since the company began operations in October 2018. Crucially, Henseler and his team help people navigate the process of gathering the necessary documentation – a task that can be particularly complex in countries in the throes of war or economic crisis. As a government authorized agent, Passport Legacy is also able to take a client’s documentation and submit it to the government of choice.

For Henseler, maintaining a presence on the ground in key territories is essential. Today, the company has six offices worldwide and assists clients throughout the entire investment migration journey – from application to citizenship and beyond. “Maybe someone will apply as a single applicant, then get married and have children – or they will need a passport renewal,” explains Henseler. “Based on that, we are always on the ground and be able to take the client by the hand and assist them through the whole process, for life.”

While Passport Legacy provides invaluable support, challenges remain across the wider investment migration landscape. Prime among them is a concern among countries receiving citizenship applications about due diligence. “One of the big challenges we face in this industry is always countries being a little bit scared that due diligence checks are not done properly,” says Henseler. The founder-CEO explains, however, that in the case of Caribbean nations like St Kitts and Nevis, such checks can take up to 180 days to complete and are extremely rigorous. “I’m from Switzerland, but if I apply now for a passport from Saint Lucia, then Saint Lucia will know more about me than Switzerland does,” he adds.

Six years since its mission began, Passport Legacy is determined to continue in its mission to help clients overcome challenge and adversity and to build the life they dreamed of – wherever that might be.

The thoughts expressed in this advertorial are those of the client.

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