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Many children around the world are suffering from abandonment from their parents and loved ones due to unprecedented circumstances, such as death, financial conditions, or being left helpless due to poverty.

In Mozambique, it is usually difficult for a child to succeed, since there are no national programs or plans for early childhood development in the region. Many children do not attend school due to a shortage of resources and difficult entry and girls face a much greater disadvantage with fewer girls attending school each year.

Furthermore, natural disasters exacerbate the country’s pervasive vulnerability and inadequate facilities.

Due to extreme conditions of poverty, many children live on the streets, attempt to earn a living by begging, cheating, and engaging in other antisocial behavior. These children can be seen wearing tattered fabric, wandering along city streets alone or in small groups, camping in house entrances or primitive self-made shelters.

Other children who do not have a family live with relatives or host families, rather than on the streets, having to depend on the host families’ children for nutrition, housing, and schooling. Whereas boys are more likely to live on the streets, girls are more likely to live with other relatives.

Orfanato GoodWill

At Orfanato GoodWill, our primary goal is to help orphans and needy children in Mozambique, Africa. We aim to achieve this purpose by securing funds for all the basic needs that children need for growth and development.

We are currently constructing the district’s first orphanage in collaboration with the local government in Vilankulo, Mozambique. We were given a plot of land and six small homes. At the moment, the elderly home consists of 7 small homes, which would be fully restored and partially rebuilt. In addition, running water and electricity will be installed throughout the facility. To keep our children safe, there will be a wall covering the entire house, as well as security on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once the place is built, we will welcome approximately 50 children from the Vilankulo district in order to provide them with access to schooling, a loving family, and hope for a better future. The children will have a set weekly routine that comprises the following activities:

  • Kindergarten
  • Time for homework
  • Cleaning/cooking
  • Numerous lessons taught in the orphanage
  • Various activities/free time and much more

We at GoodWill Mozambique do all we can to achieve our goal as fast as possible. However, a sizable sum of money is necessary to make this initiative a reality for the children of Mozambique. If you’d like to help us place a smile on the children’s faces and provide them with a new home and a happier future, reach out to us today!

We are extremely grateful for all your trust and support.

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