How Strong is The Malta Passport

With globalization, the utility of passports is taking further important dimensions. Passports power comes from the permission it grants on the holder’s behalf to travel in foreign lands without applying for a visa on arrival or making visas attainable at these destinations easily. Passports can make all the difference for globetrotters and people who want to expand their perspectives. Here in this blog post, we are going to learn about how powerful is Malta passport and what advantages make it popular worldwide as a prestigious travel document.

Benefits of Obtaining Malta Passport

Malta passport offers a wide range of benefits, making it an attractive choice for global citizens. Here are some Malta Citizenship benefits of holding a Malta passport:

1. Free Entry & Easy Visas2. Rights as EU National3. Economic Opportunities and Advantages
4. Quality of Life Benefits

1. Free Entry & Easy Visas

The main advantage of having a Maltese passport is the ability to travel freely without a visa to 184 countries, including the USA, Australia, Canada and Japan. With the Malta passport in hand, these countries can be entered frequently visa-free, thus simplifying international travel. Plus, many countries offer them visa-on-arrival as well.

2. Rights as EU National

Being a citizen of Malta makes one a citizen of the EU. An EU citizen has the right to reside in any member of the EU, access to healthcare in the EU countries, among other advantages.

3. Economic Opportunities and Advantages

The Malta passport provides access to numerous economic benefits and prospects, including opportunities to conduct business and invest in different nations. This might be particularly attractive to entrepreneurs considering international growth opportunities.

3. Quality of Life Benefits

 Malta boasts an excellent quality of living, with top-notch medical services, outstanding educational opportunities, stability and reliability in its governmental system. Those who have Malta passports may enjoy such advantages also; they get a chance to reside in a relaxed and prosperous country.

How to Get Malta Passport

1. Birthright Citizenship2. Marriage to a Maltese Citizen3. Long-term Residence
4. Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship has been granted in several ways, each with its distinct acquisition conditions. Here are the main grounds for obtaining a Malta passport:

1. Birthright Citizenship

Birthright Citizenship applies if you were born in Malta to Maltese parents or, in some instances, to parents who have been residents of Malta for a prescribed period and are not Maltese.

2. Marriage to a Maltese Citizen

Being married to someone who is Maltese would allow you to be a Maltese Citizen, under the right conditions and where there is evidence of a genuine and strong relationship, to be naturalised as a Maltese national.

3. Long-term Residence

After having legally lived in Malta for a certain period, you can be considered for Maltese citizenship as a long-term resident.

4. Citizenship by Investment

One such way is through the Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP), whereby you become eligible for holding Malta citizenship by making qualifying investments in a small island nation situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It is well known to become a favourite of prosperous people to boost their citizenship power.

All of these paths towards Maltese Citizenship come with their particular conditions and qualifications, which is essential.

Is Malta a Powerful Passport?

The power of a passport is usually evaluated by the number of visa-free or visa-on-arrival destinations to which its holder can travel. Indeed, what makes a Malta passport good is the countries it allows you to travel to – mainly EU countries, the US, Canada and other sought-after regions.

Being a member of the EU also makes Malta’s passport more powerful with advantages of the EU citizenship, such as the freedom of travelling and settlement within the EU. Hence, Malta passport holders can easily travel and settle anywhere in Europe without needing to go through immigration procedures.

Effectively, what you get when you acquire the Malta passport is excellent global reach, including countries where most travelers and investors would also gladly go.

Malta Passport Ranking 2023 Highlights

Malta citizens enjoy a 34th-place ranking for one of the strongest passports globally. The positioning is the consequence of a wide evaluation, which also accounts for other criteria besides simply the ease of transport. In evaluating the attraction of Malta’s citizenship through an investment program, we take into account factors such as ease of doing business, living standards, investment opportunities, etc. It’s important to note that individuals seeking a second passport don’t solely focus on travel access; they also look at relocation and investment prospects. In this regard, the Maltese passport performs exceptionally well.

To provide an overview of our assessment methodology, the Maltese Passport Index comprises three distinct indexes, each contributing differently to the overall Malta passport ranking:

●  The Enhanced Mobility Index: This accounts for the highest percentage (50%) and ranks the destinations according to the travel perks the passport provides, along with the appeal as perceived to live in the receiving country based on the Quality of Life standard.

●  The Investment Index: It accounts for 25% of the total calculation and measures the country’s macro economy based on attractiveness to investors and ease of doing business as a passport holder. Malta passport is ranked 66th in this category.

●  The Quality of Life Index: This represents 25% of the total calculation and includes six measures reflecting on well-being, including health care, education, and personal security. The Malta passport here shows great performance, coming in at 25th on the list.

Overall, Malta citizenship is an alluring arrangement, exceeding expectations with regards to global outings, the nature of living, and venture open doors, making it an enticing decision for individuals searching for a subsequent identification card.

Enhanced Mobility Index

This index is a valuable indicator of Malta’s passport strength. It ranks the Malta passport favourably, indicating the basic number of visa-free destinations and extending into the actual mobility that passport holders can enjoy. This helps simplify the process of international travel and saves time for those holding Malta’s Passport who wish to travel for leisure, business or any other purpose.

Investment Highlights

One of the reasons contributing to the Malta passport’s strength is the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP). Under this initiative, people can get Malta’s nationality if they either contribute to the National Development & Social Fund, purchase Government bonds, or put their money into local property. The world’s investors have responded favourably. More than 40 nationalities have submitted applications for citizenship via MIIP to fortify the strength of their passports.

Quality of Life Highlights

It’s not just about the ability to travel (in fact, one can visit 189 countries without the necessity to obtain a visa in advance, thanks to the Malta passport). Still, it is more about the quality of life this document brings with itself). Malta has great health care, top education and stable politics. All these factors result in a very comfortable living level, making Malta one of the most popular places to live.

Procedure for Obtaining Malta Citizenship

Obtaining Maltese citizenship involves a well-defined process, which can vary depending on the specific grounds for citizenship. Here is a general step-by-step procedure for acquiring Maltese citizenship:

●  Eligibility Assessment: Evaluate if you’re eligible based on the path you chose for your citizenship (by birthright, by marriage, by long-term residency, or by investment).

●  Gather Documentation: Gather all the necessary paperwork, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of residence and financial records.

●  Submit Application: Apply to apply for Maltese Citizenship by submitting your application to the relevant government department or scheme (e.g. MIIP for investment immigration).

●  Application Review: Your immigration paperwork will get assessed, and you can be called in for an interview or pass an immigrant test (depending on the road).

●  Background Checks: Applicants will be vetted for backgrounds to ensure they have met requirements of character and suitability criteria.

●  Investment (if applicable): Fulfill the requirements to qualify for citizen by investment, such as contributing to the National Development and Social Fund or purchasing certain eligible assets.

●  Approval: You will obtain a Malta naturalisation Certificate when you approve the naturalisation request.

●  Oath of Allegiance: Participate and pledge your allegiance at an oath-taking ceremony to become a Maltese national.

●  Receive Malta Passport: Once you have become a naturalised Maltese citizen, you can apply for a Maltese Passport, which holds all the rights and advantages that come with being a Maltese Citizen.

Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Program

In 2020, thе Govеrnmеnt of Malta introducеd thе Malta Citizеnship through Naturalisation for Excеptional Sеrvicеs by Dirеct Invеstmеnt policy, following thе discontinuation of thе Maltеsе Citizеnship by Invеstmеnt Programmе in thе prеvious yеar. Thе application procеdurе includеs a minimum contribution of EUR 600,000, thе acquisition of a rеsidеntial propеrty with a minimum valuе of EUR 700,000, and a donation of at lеast EUR 10,000 to a Maltеsе non-govеrnmеntal organization dеdicatеd to arеas such as sports, culturе, sciеncе, philanthropy, animal wеlfarе, or thе arts. In placе of propеrty purchasе, applicants havе thе option to lеasе a rеsidеntial propеrty with an annual rеntal valuе of at lеast EUR 16,000.


●  Dual Citizenship: Maltese citizens are allowed dual citizenship.

●  Visa-Free Travel: If you are a citizen of Malta, you have access to 184 counties without any requirement for a visa or with visa upon arrival in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

●  European Lifestyle: With this, you can stay temporarily for six months in any member country of the Schengen Area or for one year in Malta and other EU/EFTA states (Switzerland). You can enjoy the same benefits with other EU residents including the facility to study in top universities.

●  Attractive Tax Regime: Malta is one of the European countries with the lowest taxes, including zero percent inheritance tax.

Eligibility for Malta Citizenship By Investment

Regulated by the Community Malta Agency (CMA), the Malta citizenship by investment program. According to this federal government agency, the primary applicant must be eligible under these qualifying circumstances.

●  Applicants should be at least 18 yrs. of age.

●  Must have confirmed source of funds.

●  Must be in good health.

●  Must have no criminal record.

To qualify, applicants must proceed with the following:

●  A minimum contribution of EUR 600,000.

●  There is a requirement to acquire a residential property worth a minimum of EUR 700,000 which should be preserved for five years. Instead of buying real estate for investment, one should rent a residential property worth at least €16,000 per year.

●  It also requires a contribution of not less than EUR 10,000. It can apply to any sports; culture; science; philanthropy; animal welfare or artistic non-governmental organization in Malta.

Final Reflections On Malta’s Passport

Malta passport’s strength lies in its being highly effective travel documentation with various perks such as visa-free travelling, business ventures, and better living standards for passport holders. Although it isn’t globally ranked as number one, it has a good reputation due to its ease of entry to key destinations and a connection with the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP), allowing investors to build their passport power.If you are an aspiring traveller craving worldwide flexibility or an entrepreneur searching for broader horizons, Malta’s passport stays solid in 2023. But we should know about the rules and expenses before going forward to get this valuable Travel Document. Eventually, the power behind the Malta passport could unlock the gates to new frontiers and possibilities in a progressively connected world. Passport Legacy can guide you through the Malta Citizenship Program from start to finish. Get started today!

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