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5 Richest People in Portugal

Portugal has an incredible history, amazing landscapes, and a fantastic culture. Even more fortunate than most, a small percentage of the population lives extravagant lives. In this blog post, let us explore the affairs and wealth of Portugal’s Top 5 Richest People in 2024. Knowing their wealth may help to shed some perspective on the Portuguese economy.

Trends in Portugal’s Wealth Landscape

Portugal’s wealth universe has undergone significant change in recent times as the country continues to grow economically more stable and to provide an attractive environment for investment. Certain trends took place that really reshaped the financial landscape in a way that affected people’s everyday lives.

Wealth source diversification is one of the new fads. In areas such as agriculture and the broader field of tourism, which have seen little to no progress, the nation has sprung to life with an explosion of technological growth and a flurry of startups. Young entrepreneurs and venture capital followed these folks to Lisbon and Porto, which grew into major tech hubs in Europe. There’s a new richness to be found besides Porto and Lisbon, which diversified Portugal as part of the global game.

A notable movement on this front is the surging popularity of Portugal among high-earner individuals who wish to take advantage of the tax benefits and lifestyle there. Portugal’s robust economy and property market have also benefited from the attraction of wealthy foreigners through programs such as non-habitual residents and golden visa schemes.

Additionally, much more attention is paid to sustainable and responsible investments. Committed to renewables and sustainability as it is, Portugal has become an attractive destination for investors looking to jump into through residence by investment programme and this city has sustainable energy initiatives and eco-friendly tech solutions.

Top 5 Richest People In Portugal

So, let’s start out with the top Portuguese billionaires. Each one from different sectors has significantly contributed to the growth of Portugal’s economy. Their wealth sources and business ventures are as follows:

Roman Abramovich

Estimated Net Worth: €14.5 billion
Wealth Source:

Overview: He owns Millhouse Capital, a private investment company. He was known as the owner of Chelsea Football Club, a professional football club in the Premier League in England, which ownership he relinquished in 2022. Abramovich became a Portuguese citizen in 2021. Abramovich’s portfolio includes investments across different sectors like energy, raw materials, and information technologies.

Patrick Drahi

Estimated Net Worth: €9 billion.
Wealth Source:

Overview: Patrick Drahi is a wealthy businessman holding nationality from Portugal, Morocco, France, and Israel. His most significant achievements were founding Altice, which is an international multi-national cable television, telecommunications and content provider; he was also the majority shareholder for Sotheby’s, one of the world’s leading auction houses. His investments span many countries where he has built an empire of companies, most notably his media and telecom investments, which make him an important figure in both areas.

Maria Fernanda Amorim and family

Estimated Net Worth: €4.5 billion
Wealth Source:

Overview: Maria Fernanda is the widower of the Portuguese businessman Americo Amorim, who started in the cork industry, having expanded his portfolio to energy, banking and other investments across several countries. The family’s biggest asset is a 18% share in the capital of the company Galp Energia, Portugal’s largest oil and gas group.

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Pedro Soares dos Santos

Estimated Net Worth: €2.7 billion
Wealth Source:

Overview: Pedro Soares dos Santos descends from Alexandre Soares dos Santos, who was one of Portugal’s most renowned businessmen and was Chairman of the Jerónimo Martins Group, an international retail company based in Portugal and operates in several countries, who passed away in 2019. He impacted Portugal’s retail industry with key roles in developing leading supermarket chains, including Pingo Doce and Biedronka. Through their shop chains, Soares dos Santos did much to boost the economy of the country.

Demetrio Carceller Coll

Estimated Net Worth: €2.1 billion
Wealth Source:

Overview: He was most famous for being the owner of Sacyr, a Spanish conglomerate involved in infrastructure development; Ebro Foods, one of the largest food companies; and Damm Brewery, one of the biggest brewers in Spain. His entrepreneurial activities were spreading across Spain and Portugal, providing economic growth and employment opportunities.

Portugal’s Wealth Titans of The Year

In this blog, we saw the five wealthiest individuals in Portugal in 2024, with an example of how great possibilities exist in this land of Europe. They can motivate you, and their stories can show you the opportunities out there when you want to be a Portuguese citizen. Keep up to date with the economy in Portugal and check opportunities for growth as an individual or your finances. These people will keep dictating what America’s financial landscape is going to look like for the rest of the year as it progresses. From wanting to walk in their footsteps or simply from admiration- here is a list of some of the richest people of Portugal that represent what is possible within and beyond this country. Access leading citizenship programs with Passport Legacy today.

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